7 new Office 365 features in 2017

It’s been a busy start to 2017 for Office 365. Everything from new Mac apps to employee scheduling became generally available, and the sooner you install and enjoy the new features, the better.

OneDrive for Business

Microsoft’s enterprise cloud storage platform has received the bulk of the 2017 updates. The OneDrive for Business upgrades include:

SharePoint-OneDrive for Business syncing – SharePoint team sites, including files from the Insider-only Teams platform, can now be automatically synced to your online and local OneDrive for Business storage.

New share and sync settings controls – OneDrive for Business has begun providing more detailed controls over how users share data. Administrators can now set restrictions on sharing outside the organisation, and in cases when it is allowed, the scope and duration of access to your files. File syncing within the organisation can also be limited by file type, device location, and storage space.

New activity centre – By adding an activity centre into the latest build of OneDrive’s sync client, users can keep better tabs on their bandwidth with better visibility of their downloads and uploads.

OneDrive for Business Mac administrator program – Microsoft released a new way to manage your organisational accounts with support for synchronisation management as well as the ability to fine-tune Finder settings. Admins can download the program here.

These new features became available to commercial users immediately after Microsoft’s announcement on January 24th.

Office Lens on Android

Although it may already be a perfectly functional standalone app for mobile devices, Microsoft’s Office Lens has been given in-app functionality for Word and Powerpoint on Android devices.

Whether users are taking photos from the standalone application or from within the Office suite, Office Lens automatically crops, straightens and enhances photos of whiteboards, business cards, and other text-based surfaces. Edited images fit perfectly into Word and Powerpoint documents, and if you’re on an Android device, there’s no need to switch to another app to make it happen.

From adding a brainstorm session to the company minutes to sending a mockup sketch to a business partner, Office Lens is a quick and easy way to digitise content for collaboration within Microsoft’s productivity suite.

Office Insider for Apple devices

We’re big fans of insider programs from Microsoft and Google. They’re a great way to test out the latest and greatest features before most of your competitors, and Microsoft just announced a new Insider program specifically for iPhone and iPad users.

Make sure to consult your IT provider about concerns regarding potential data compliance conflicts before signing up for the program here.

StaffHub availability

Office 365 subscribers with K1, E1, E3 and E5 plans have a totally new way to interact with employees and digitally organise their operations with StaffHub, a cloud platform for managers to draft and publish work schedules. Employees can view the schedules, download attachments, and send messages to coworkers and company groups.

Managers and their employees can access the StaffHub dashboard via web platform or iOS/Android app. It is available to all subscribers mentioned above, and can expect widely expanded functionalities and Kronos integrations in the near future.

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