Digital Transformation with G Suite: The Irish Examiner Story

Working with Damson Cloud: Real Results

  • More productivity: Realising the full potential of G Suite.
  • Secure storage: File storage, secure in the Cloud.
  • Time efficient: No more time wasted on customer support hotlines.
  • Future-ready: Easy collaboration, simple interface.
  • Boosting growth: New, innovative processes across the organisation.

The Customer

The Irish Examiner is an Irish national daily newspaper based in Cork, with issues distributed across the country. Serving over 236,000 daily readers across print and digital, this publication has been a mainstay in Irish media since 1841. With the organisation using outdated email systems and problem-ridden local storage, the team at Damson Cloud had clear objectives in guiding the Irish Examiner through its digital transformation.


Their Challenges

Outdated Systems, Wasted Time

With an archaic email system ridden with service issues and no compatibility on mobile or tablet devices, the team at the Irish Examiner frequently invested up to 20 hours per week working solely on emails. A significant amount of time was spent not only chasing and responding to emails, but also in taking phone calls with service support teams to resolve constant streams of issues. With a small IT department, an inordinate amount of time was spent providing email to users at the Irish Examiner. Indeed, staff at the organisation claimed that this was a full-time job in itself.

Outdated email systems didn’t just create problems for the Irish Examiner’s IT department. Journalists and other members of the editorial team were held back by a number of service issues and an inability to access company email services via mobile or tablet devices. At this point, an unreliable VPN was the only option for employees who needed to access work from home. New staff were unable to access or send emails on a new machine. Meanwhile, storage required backup – a lengthy and painstaking process. Indeed, in the case of the Irish Examiner, outdated systems led to wasted time.

Concerned over the quality of service they could provide under those circumstances, The Irish Examiner were faced with a daunting prospect: invest significant funds in updating the systems, and invest further funds for maintenance costs.

However, with a growing readership and change on the horizon, The Irish Examiner needed a sustainable solution.


Secure, Efficient, Cost-Effective

Upon weighing up the costs for replacing and upgrading all of the organisation’s equipment, it became clear that G Suite offered a more economical, efficient and cost-effective alternative. Whilst guaranteeing a single source of truth, this now allowed all of the departments working across the Irish Examiner to collaborate on projects.

Educating Users On The New System

Facilitating change requires a strong degree of management. The organisation’s first foray into the cloud offered real results: fresh tools offering management and collaboration abilities promised to revolutionise a number of processes at the Irish Examiner, from editorial to payroll. Insights were mapped onto Google’s solutions, effectively reflecting the needs of the Irish Examiner’s struggling team.


Meanwhile, time spent on calls to service support teams was cut significantly, and the ability of G Suite to function on any device significantly reduced the amount of time spent resolving technical issues.

G Suite: Transformation for All

Whilst The Irish Examiner originally intended on focussing only on email, teams across the organisation quickly identified the simplicity and efficiency of several G Suite tools, including Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides. This was a transformative process which required little training: staff independently used these tools, collaborating with ease. In one example, a team member used Google Sites to build an internal Intranet to act as a central hub for key information and resources, including training documents, policies and shortcuts. This custom homepage meant that remote could log into Google Chrome on their device and have access to the same control panel.


2018 saw significant change for the team at The Irish Examiner following their acquisition by the Irish Times. Operational integration was essential. With The Irish Times having no experience with G Suite, The Irish Examiner created an integrational hub which effectively managed the integration process across teams in both organisations. Thanks to the simplicity of G Suite, collaboration became a natural process.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

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