Change Management

Change Management is a methodology for managing the disruptive change that new technologies can bring about. It is safe to say that in general we humans do not like change. The three most stressful things a person does in their lives is move house, get married and have kids. All these things involve a huge amount of change. Let’s take a simple example of trying to get a child to go to bed. Let’s say they are engaged in something (eg iPad game) and their younger sibling comes downstairs to tell them “Dad says its time for bed”.
Change management with g suite and google workspace
What is the likely outcome? Are they likely to listen and go straight upstairs or is it more likely they will ignore the sibling with no authority and feel upset that this task was delegated and there was no communication about how close it was to bed time. Now let’s take the same scenario where the Dad tells the kid it is time for bed in the next hour and that they have another 30 minutes of game time left. It is far more likely that the child is going to accept this change. It is coming from someone with authority (a parent) and they have been communicated with effectively. When people have change thrust upon them without communication or when it has been delegated to someone that they perceive to have the same or less authority in the organisation as them then they tend to not accept the change. Projects with poor change management will have increased resistance from employees who are upset by not being included in the change process.
There are 4 keys areas to the change management process that must be followed to ensure a successful G Suite deployment.
  • Executive Sponsorship
  • Organisational Analysis
  • Communication
  • Training
We will guide your team through this process and assign a change management expert from our team to manage the process from start to finish. We recommend checking out some of our videos on change management to learn more about why its important as part of a G Suite deployment