Common Cloud Myths With Ian Nairn and Tord Ripe

In the latest Damson Cloud blog, we catch up with C-Learning’s Ian Nairn and Symfoni Next’s Tord Ripe to debunk some of the most persistent myths around moving to the cloud. 

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A Timely Question

C-Learning’s Ian Nairn acknowledges that this question is timely, especially since cloud-driven technologies are becoming increasingly prominent in our own homes with platforms such as Netflix and Spotify. The familiarity is making people more comfortable with the concept – making it all the more frustrating when companies and customers continue to express reservations about the idea. 

“They say the cloud is great – but it’s not ‘for now’. In the meantime, try buying another server instead,” says Nairn, “and we aren’t suggesting that there is no use for people and services like this – of course they can provide value. But please stop trying to sell services which are no longer needed”. He continues, highlighting his own frustration around older, more traditional systems: “They don’t need an email server; they don’t need a file server and remote access systems. Instead, you can offer customers other products which make a real difference.”

Public Image and Common Myths

Tord Ripe agrees, suggesting that some of the insecurity around the cloud continues to bolster those who continue to offer some of the products mentioned by Nairn. “Some of the insecurity around these products, combined with the fact that the advertising industry has been driving everything for so many years is a challenge,” he argues, suggesting that ongoing questions around Google’s mass data harvesting continue to feed into negative perception around cloud technology.

According to Ian Nairn, when it comes to cloud-based technology, trust is everything. “If we were to buy a product from Amazon, for example, we would trust that our information is being dealt with fairly, and if we felt that they were misusing it we would reconsider buying from them again,” he suggests. “If you lose the trust of the customers, they now have the choice. Trust is at the heart of what we do, and we do have a lot to build on,” he adds.

Sharing is Caring 

What advice would Ian Nairn offer to newcomers to the cloud? As a Google Partner, he recommends building upon those relationships, as well as networking with other partners. Google, after all, is all about sharing – and you can’t cover every base at the start. “There is a great camaraderie among Google Partners, and the ones who are more successful tend to share into the community. The more you share, the more you get back,” he advises.

“That’s basically what we were doing before we entered the Google Cloud space, and I completely agree with Ian,” adds Ripe. “These partnerships bring business both ways, and when you build the community and competence, that’s really great. We are really lucky to have already established connections in the partner area, both with Google and external partners.”

Ian Nairn concludes, suggesting that the sharing of knowledge is key. “Because we are the sort of organisations who sign up to these things early in our life cycle, we can share that experience and knowledge with our customers, keeping things moving forward all the way.”

As our interviewees suggest, we have some way to go in dispelling the myths around the adoption of cloud technology. What are the most common cloud myths that you are faced with in your industry or region? We’d love to know – so share your top myths with us in the comments section. As ever, for more discussion on digital transformation and the future of cloud, stay tuned with Damson Cloud.

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