Damson Cloud Meets Meredith Silver of Happeo

2019’s annual Happeo Summit brought together Google Partners, Happeo users and digital leaders throughout Europe to discuss ways of improving their success, offering them even more tools to achieve digital transformation. Damson Cloud caught up with Meredith Silver, Enterprise Global Sales Executive at Happeo to talk about new features, new ways of working and ‘thinking outside the box’.

Damson Cloud were proud to join Happeo users from across the continent, enjoying fantastic presentations on internal comms, Happeo news and platform showcases. We were lucky to get some really useful insights on the company’s future roadmap, as well as updated advice on the best practices around operating the system. We interviewed Meredith of the North American sales team to get her view on internal data security, privacy protection and what truly separates Happeo from the competition. Check it out!

Happeo: Transforming Traditions

Kicking off with our interview, Meredith states that she enjoys encouraging Happeo users to “think outside the box”. She indicates that when many customers approach Happeo, they expect traditional working methods, including intranets. Challenging customers on what this outdated approach actually contributes to their organisation is a crucial element of Meredith’s role – as well as demonstrating how Happeo offers the possibility to transform old processes. “We do things a little bit differently – we are a unified platform for all things comms and all things people,” says Meredith. 

According to Meredith, the objectives behind Happeo are given away in the name: “The clue is in the name ‘Happeo’ – we want to make employees happier at work. You spend more time with your workmates than your family, and we view the entire Happeo network as a family. We want them to develop a culture that aligns with what their ‘family’ (business) actually means”. Indeed, a commitment to cultural and digital transformation is identified as a key selling point of the system – as well as its huge variety of useful and unique features.

Standing Out With G-Suite Integration

Happeo’s top-of-the-line Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) integration is identified by Meredith as a key differentiator between the system and its competitors, as well as a key element in improving employees’ engagement and productivity. Aside from these significant benefits, Meredith highlights innovative security features which support the system’s international network. “It all goes back to that notion of ‘family’ and keeping information safe,” says Meredith, “and it’s our job to ensure that our clients’ data is safe. We’ve been able to do that through our recent ISO certification, which has been instrumental in forming our security procedures”. 

Engagement, productivity and security form central elements of Happeo’s selling points. However, new and updated features continue to raise Happeo above its competitors. One such feature, according to Meredith, is ‘Search’. “Search is one of those things – almost all prospects we speak to don’t have a global search. Ultimately, what does this do for them? To have a smart, single source of search with its own built-in algorithm in that one-single collaborative space is essential. A unified digital platform for everything you do in your workday just makes sense,” argues the Global Sales Executive.

Identifying Improvements

According to Meredith, guiding clients in identifying spaces for improvement and transformation forms a critical element of her role with Happeo. “I believe in helping our clients sleep better at night. If you can come home from work at the end of the day without having to take some of that work home with you – that’s my goal,” says Meredith. 

“The other thing we focus on is anticipating these pains, and what technology and communication will look like in the future. We need to be reactive to the challenges that workplaces are having, and how we can put our brains together to fix it,” she continues. “Of course you’re looking for a comms platform – but why? What value is that bringing your business? All of these things are ways in which we challenge our customers to think outside the box.”

Compelling companies to build a greater understanding of their own goals forms a critical element of Meredith’s role with Happeo. By gaining this understanding, companies can better identify what technology best suits their vision. “Holding events like this really warms my heart – we looked back at the videos from last year’s summit, and the product really spoke for itself. Ultimately, everyone was saying that they chose to work with our organisation. We export our culture to every client we work with, and I love that about Happeo.”

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