Digital Transformation: The Value of a Google Partner with Ian Nairn and Tord Ripe

In the latest blog from Damson Cloud, we sit down with Symfoni Next’s Tord Ripe and C-Learning’s Ian Nairn to talk digital transformation and its implications ‘on the ground’ of a business. Keep reading to learn more about our discussion, or check out the video to hear all of the valuable insights.

Digital Transformation: More Than Just a Buzzword

Kicking off the discussion, we talk about how the very term ‘digital transformation’ has become a buzzword in modern business. Ian Nairn, however, suggests that the concept has a much deeper meaning, intrinsically tied to people and the value they bring to a business. “If you forget the people at any stage in that journey, you lose that whole issue,” says Nairn, adding that “it’s a combination of people, processes and technology”. 

Continuing his analysis, Nairn suggests that infrastructure is critical to digital transformation. “If you have bad infrastructure, that’s going to have a really bad impact overall. I also think you have to build on that digital competency, in terms of skills,” he advises. He highlights that as a country, we have to get infrastructure right before prioritising skills development: “You need to have the people; the process, the technology, the infrastructure and the digital competence. To do that, you need someone you can trust working by your side for a longer period of time – and that’s one of the success factors behind businesses like ours.”

Beyond Technology

According to Tord Ripe, getting the technology right is probably the easiest element of any digital transformation. “You can go on an buy 100 Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) licenses, but that won’t solve anything in itself,” he says. “We need to ask ourselves how we can get better at helping our customers. It’s an ongoing thing, and the changes keep coming from Google. To succeed, we need to train our own people internally to adopt new ways of doing things.”

Nairn goes one step further in his analysis of digital transformation, highlighting that it can have a major impact upon staff welfare. “In a modern business, you could return to your desk on Monday morning to hundreds of emails. That brings up special relevance for products like Happeo. What our customers are looking for isn’t just information on our products – they want to actually speak to somebody who has went through the same thing,” he shares.

Digital Learning Curves

Ripe and Nairn both agree that digital transformation has evolved over recent years, reacting especially to the challenges faced by collaborating Google Partners across the world. However, challenges still remain. For Nairn, challenges have often arisen in companies that place professional development in their staff as a low priority. 

“Some believe that it’s a simple matter of ticking the box. Where people haven’t allocated those resources, we see real obstacles. This affects pace significantly,” shares the expert. “The second challenge is that of organisational leaders themselves. If they expect different standards and processes of their staff that they don’t follow themselves, that has never worked.”

For Tord Ripe, the early days of his company often saw them listening completely to the customer, and not fully pitching their own product. “Many companies would be concerned with cutting costs, and would tell us that they didn’t necessarily need that service. We would allow them to have the last word in many of those cases. Now, we have a much better process in that sense,” he shares. 

To hear more about the implications of digital transformation on the ground, watch the full video of our panel discussion. As ever, for more information on digital transformation and changing how we work, follow Damson Cloud!

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