Five essential add-ons for Google Apps

There are now hundreds of third party add-ons out there aimed at users of Google Apps – many of them are highly popular with businesses as they focus on document editing, data protection and project management and can be accessed for a low subscription fee. So if you are seeking tools that can streamline your business processes and enhance communication between your staff customers and clients, it’s well worth keeping an eye on the apps that are being released. But for now we’ve highlighted a few of our own below, that we’ve used ourselves or recommend highly to readers and business people.


Designed specifically for Google applications, CloudLock is a data protection add-on that works over the whole lifecycle of a document made and stored in Google Docs and other applications such as Salesforce, Box and ServiceNow. These applications can be monitored by CloudLock which then responds to abnormal usage patterns and other security parameters. Essentially, CloudLock protects documents so that they cannot be altered in error or, worse still, deliberately with malicious intent. This means that users of the app are able to share information and documents knowing that they can’t be tampered with. It is this strict security which means CloudLock is a good solution for business users who need to meet compliance regulations as the app enables you to keep an eye on how documents are accessed and by whom at every stage of a work process. CloudLock also boasts an easy-to-use data analytics feature, which means document inventories and capacity usages can be easily monitored.


This is a long-established conferencing tool and has now got better since it became integrated with Google Apps. It works tremendously well with Google Apps, simply by making getting in touch with people so much less time-consuming and stressful. Users can collaborate with one another within Google Docs at the same time and schedule it through UberConference. Indeed, they can even create a conference call with third parties, so that all of the collaborators involved in a project can discuss and input simultaneously, all inside a Google Doc and over shared screens. It is an ideal solution for business users, especially where multiple time zones make scheduling with colleagues tough. Best of all there’s no need to remember pin numbers or worry about calling in, as the app calls you when scheduled.

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We may not keep them on our walls and desks anymore, but calendars are as essential as they ever were for businesses large and small. Many businesses use their Google Calendars to arrange everything from staff lunches to high-level business meetings. Now you can let your clients timetable meetings with a new add-on called YouCanBook.Me which helps you find the best appointment time for all parties involved and enhance your customer relations. Once the add-on is uploaded, you receive a unique URL which when clicked, links to a web calendar that lists your schedule. Your client can see immediately when you have a free time slot and book an appointment via an easy to customise form. Once this has been confirmed by both parties, it will appear in your calendar and you are sent reminders direct to your gmail inbox. Best of all, YouCanBook.Me is free to use for its standard edition and upgrading to the premium version is cheap.


Ideal for businesses which have adopted Google’s applications, this exceptionally powerful suite of cloud based business apps integrates deeply with Google Apps. For example, Zoho’s flagship CRM system boasts some great integrations with Google Apps. These include features such as attaching Google Drive documents to Opportunities in the CRM or synchronising appointments in the CRM with Google Calendar. Lead capture forms in Zoho CRM can also be embedded into Google Sites. A great sales tool, it will even update client details from Google Contacts. It is free to use for up to three users per organisation, but charges apply thereafter.


Embracing the principles behind successful project management, RapidTASK makes taking on specialist software, like Microsoft Project, a thing of the past. The RapidTASK app functions by turning project management techniques into easy-to-understand job lists. However, this is no mere notepad, and the add-on allows users to share their most recent to-do list with any other subscriber they choose. Indeed, assigning tasks to colleagues becomes child’s play. This add-on is designed to integrate seamlessly with Google Calendar, so the due dates of job are updated automatically and automated e-mails to inform colleagues of assigned tasks can also be configured, if needed.

If you want to know more about the wide range of apps and add-on available to Google users? Then get in touch with the Damson Cloud team. We love to talk tech and have some other top tips to share.

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