Google Apps for Work help RSPCA rescue hundreds of thousands of animals

When an average family sets out to adopt a new pet, what are they looking for? Healthy and reliable spring to mind, but eventually the elephant in the room always makes itself known — the new companion’s cost to the family budget. As it turns out, shopping for IT solutions is much like adopting a household pet. Businesses look for a trusted and loyal companion that will follow them everywhere and support them in times of need. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is well-acquainted with this search and recently had an opportunity to experience it from the other side.

As a charity funded primarily by donations, the RSPCA makes every single pound count. Since their mission statement has nothing to do with technology, every resource poured into their IT feels like a pound that could be spent on medicine and food for the animals they nurture. When the opportunity arose to restructure their computer network, the RSPCA found a perfect match in Google Apps for Work. This solution allowed them to centralise and mobilise their infrastructure, and realise enormous cost savings in the process.

No onsite servers and improved scalability

By moving all their productivity software, documents, and account administration to Google’s cloud storage, the RSPCA eliminated more than 40 of their legacy servers. Electricity and hardware costs devoted to servers are often far higher than most business owners realize. Servers bring with them peripherals like battery and tape backups which eat up even more of the budget. In addition to the money saved from in-house server management, this migration opened up swaths of space in their office.

The newfound space ended up being desperately needed. Switching to Apps for Work meant cost savings and scalability, which allowed the RSPCA to invest in new staff. The convenience of cloud-based infrastructure management greatly simplified expansion. With on-site servers, a business needs to have adequate capacity to accommodate any added burden. With Google, there is always room for more — all you need to do is ask.

A sizeable boost to hardware

Digital displays are integral to the RSPCA’s strategy to help abandoned animals find new homes. With the simple addition of a Chromebox to their in-store digital signage, they are able to connect to any of their locations and swiftly update presenter screens from anywhere in the world. If a new animal is brought in, they can snap a photo on their mobile device, upload it to Drive, and insert it into a Slides adoption template. Visitors can peruse the new arrivals almost as soon as they’ve been brought in.

Because the entire charity was migrating to the Google cloud platform, there was only one sensible choice when it came time to upgrade employee desktops. Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS and have deep integration with the entire suite of Apps for Work. Any productivity software they need is available online, which means the new laptops run minimal software from the local hard drive. Lower storage requirements meant cheaper and more reliable employee workstations.

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Cloud software that works together

With 500 inspectors working in the field, reducing the dependency on paper was about much more than going green or saving money; it was about connecting employees across an entire country to a unified communication framework. Google Drive stores documents in the cloud for easy access, regardless of whether it’s for a worker in an animal centre or an inspector sending in a report from the field.

The RSPCA now regularly creates and collaborates on charity documents in Docs, holds meetings across the country via Hangouts video calls, and schedules remote pickups, dropoffs, and transfers in Calendar. Apps for Work creates synergy by consolidating all its software under one interconnected infrastructure to make every pound of your IT investment an efficient one.

Cost savings

The RSPCA has saved hundreds of thousands of pounds on hardware alone, and even more from less quantifiable benefits like hours saved on IT management. For all the naysayers in the audience, this wasn’t just a luck of the draw; Forrester Consulting recently estimated that Apps for Works pays for itself within two months after adoption and results in a 329% ROI during a three-year period. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect companion for your business, we don’t know what does.

It doesn’t matter whether Google Apps for Work or Office 365 is the right solution for you; if it involves moving your business into the cloud, Damson Cloud is the companion you’ve been looking for. Our experienced consultants will help you realise lower costs, lower security risks, and higher returns on your investments. Call us today.

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