Google Calendar Launches on the iPad

Since its launch in 2009, Google Calendar has become one of the most popular cloud-based time-management and scheduling apps on the market. As part of the G Suite brand, it provides various business-ready features, such as the ability to suggest optimal times for meetings and other events. Now available in the form of a dedicated app for Apple’s iOS and optimized specifically for use on the iPad, users will be better equipped to take the needs of their work with them wherever they go.

Organize Your Day with Smart Scheduling
Sometimes, people seem to spend more time organizing their day than actually working on important projects. However, the G Suite edition of Google Calendar is designed to enhance productivity and ultimately free up time thanks to its powerful “Find a time” feature. Already available for the Android app, this feature is now fully integrated with the iPad app. Google has stated that it will be also be available as a Web-based app by the end of the year.

Organizing meetings often takes more time than it should, but some matters can only be discussed effectively face-to-face. “Find a time” works by looking through your current schedule, accounting for your preferences, and then suggesting optimal meeting times for you. This feature can even suggest additional slots just in case unexpected delays or changes of schedule occur.

Even more impressively, if Google Calendar cannot find an available slot for your preferred meeting time, it automatically looks for possible conflicts across your team to make certain that everyone whose attendance is required will be available. Calendar then suggests options for you that are most likely to be suitable for everyone concerned. In other words, it makes smart suggestions while still allowing you to be in full control.

Schedule Time to Meet Your Goals
As any businessperson knows, time management is a major factor when it comes to running a successful operation. As such, using the right tools to ensure that your day is as productive and stress-free as possible puts you in a better position to achieve your goals, keep your customers happy, and build a more productive workforce. Google Calendar already helps you prioritize tasks, but the latest update, which is also available in the new iPad app, lets you achieve even more.

Filling up a calendar and establishing a timetable is one thing, but it can take a lot of time. Often what ends up happening is that you run out of time to complete your goals. To help people better manage their time so they can meet their goals, Google is introducing the new “Goals” feature to all versions of the Calendar app. It couldn’t be simpler to use – all you need to do is set a goal, and the app automatically finds available times and presents you with the options.

When you create a goal, Calendar asks you a few questions to help determine its importance. For example, it asks you about what times and how frequently you prefer to tackle goals before examining your schedule and suggesting when you will be most likely to succeed. As such, it is very similar to the “Find a time” feature. The app also allows you to defer goals, while the automated scheduling feature will continue to improve its suggestions thanks to powerful machine-learning capabilities.

A Welcome Improvement
Until now, Google Calendar has been available only for iOS in the form of a basic iPhone-optimized app. Of course, the app also works on iPad, though running it on the much larger screen hardly provides an optimal experience. Instead, the new edition makes much better use of the on-screen real estate while also adding some important new features for G Suite users. The iPad-native version of Google Calendar is available for download now for both home and business users.

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