Google Workspace Training

With any new toolset comes a learning curve.

One of the most common concerns employees have during a Google Workspace deployment is how will my day to day productivity be affected and how quickly can I get ramped up.

The answer to this is training. It helps employees feel supported and gives them the confidence and knowledge they need to start utilising Google Workspace from day one.


Training on Google Workspace isn’t about the basics like how to compose an email or save a draft that stuff people tend to know from having their own Gmail account. Google Workspace training is about using Gmail, Calendar and Drive as a business tool. That is something your staff have never done before (unless they came from another innovative company before).



Mapping your business processes to Google Workspace is one of the most important areas to cover when deploying. Our trainers have in depth knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace and this enables them to have a more comprehensive understanding of end users challenges. When someone asks in Outlook I can do X how can I do that in Gmail, our trainers understand both solutions and can help users transition their workflows seamlessly to Gmail.

With the use of training comes a much swifter return to normal productivity levels, shortly followed by a huge increase in overall employee output and efficiency. We believe that training is one of the most important pillars of change-management and digital transformation. You’ll be amazed at what your team can achieve after a training session with Damson Cloud.

Do I Really Need Training For Google Workspace?

We often get asked questions like this. Even if you have used Gmail before, there are still many tips and tricks we can show you that you probably haven’t seen before. For example, do you know:

  • How do you do an advanced search in Gmail?
  • How can you use labels and filters to automatically organise your inbox?
  • How use Google calendars machine learning to find the best time for your staff meeting?
  • How to setup a secure shared drive in Google Drive?
  • How to use Google forms to gather data from employees and customers?

This is just some of the useful knowledge we will impart to you and your staff during training,

 increasing productivity and efficiency in your company.

What are the Benefits of Google Workspace Training?

Receive training analysis and bespoke training plan. Get targeted training objective for each specific user group such as Executives; IT Admins; Deskless Users. 

Advanced product and process training that gives users in-depth knowledge of the solutions in order to ensure successful uptake, user satisfaction and increased productivity.

Ongoing training on new product updates features and transformation initiatives. Working together and staying up to date with the latest features. Training increases ROI.


The following resources can be provided during training.

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This would be aimed at advanced users, this could be users that work with the finance team for example. It would go into the apps in more depth and ignore the basics. This is often based around Google Sheets, Docs & Slides.

We would usually send a form out to capture what tools users currently use in Excel and how much they know about Google Sheets, this helps build the training content.

We also offer app-specific sessions; Docs, Sheets, Slides  and much more. 

See also our Change Management services.

Our Bespoke Training Price Estimates

All of our services packages are bespoke and custom created for you company. However, we know price is important, so we have created a rough estimate below of what you might be able to expect when you book training with us. 

Workspace Training

we recommend no more than 12
£ 900 per day
  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Google Chat
  • Google Meet

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