Hiver Webinar Thursday August 29th 2:00pm


Video Transcription

Hi everybody. I wanted to announce a webinar that we’re going to be running for a product called Hiver, which is a collaborative inbox solution for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). We’re running it in partnership with our friends over at Cobry who are a Scottish Google Cloud Partner. Some of you may have come across them before or heard of them. Particularly if, you’ve worked with, Damson Cloud before.

The Hiver solution is basically trying to solve the shared inbox or collaborative inbox challenge within Google Workspace or Gmail. If you’re someone who has attempted to set up a shared or collaborative inbox within Google Workspace, you’ll have realised that out of the box the solution has certain limitations. You can’t do things like, you know, assign, emails to people, making sure that every email is responded to and doesn’t kind of slip through the cracks, can be a challenge. And there are many, many use cases within an organisation of why you would need a shared inbox. Things like support teams, HR teams, sales teams, operational teams, IT teams often need shared inboxes. And within Google, you can do a, delegated access. But again, as I said it comes with its own challenges out of the box and what Hiver have done is they’ve built this solution that augments the Google Workspace or Gmail environment and adds, additional tools and features that allow you to have a truly collaborative inbox.

The webinar’s going to be on Thursday the 29th at 2:00 PM UK and Irish time, and it’s going to be a demo and overview of the Hiver product. Then we have a customer speaker who’s going to be talking about their experience and why they’ve chosen Hiver, as a solution for them. And then we’re going to have Q and A. If it’s a product that is of interest to you, if you have run into challenges with shared or collaborative inboxes within Google Workspace or Gmail, please take a look at the signup page and join us on Thursday the 29th of August at 2:00 pm

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