Security is a big topic and its important that we tackle it head on. Security in the cloud is different but if done right it is one of the most secure ways to hold your data and keep your organisation’s information safe. We have over 20 years experience in the IT industry and security has always been at the core of how we do business. When we started selling cloud solutions we had to develop an entirely new way of thinking about security. We want to help you do the same. When you move to the cloud there is a paradigm shift in how your employees work, connect and collaborate. Its important to shift your organisations processes around security to the cloud as well. You can no longer think of the organisation as a single place that you can build a firewall around to protect it. With your data in the cloud security now becomes more about the devices and users as the weakest points of failure. Within G Suite there are an array of enterprise tools and features that allow IT teams to manage users, devices and policies all from the G Suite control panel.

G suite and Google Workspace Security Consultancy

Whether you are just getting started with G Suite or you have been using it for years we offer a full Security Review to help your organisation evaluate the security setup and requirements on Google’s platform. This includes;

  • Security assessment
  • Security workshop
  • Implementation plan
  • Incident response plan
  • Security training

Our Approach Assess: Audit existing G Suite security settings and policies against best practices, identifying any potential risks. Educate: Conduct a dedicated security workshop to surface audit results, promote best practices, and propose recommended actions. Execute: Implement planned security activities, including incident response planning and domain monitoring. Provide training and deploy appropriate third-party tools. The Core Benefits Risks: Guard against new and existing security threats by leveraging the latest security tools available. Awareness: Decrease security incidents by increasing adoption and awareness of security features and policies among end users and administrators. Incident Management: Increase effectiveness of responding to incidents as they occur by translating security procedures to the cloud and increasing preparedness.

Training Video