Technical Deployment

Our experienced team of certified G Suite deployment specialists will ensure a seamless transition to the cloud for your organisation. Using Google’s proven deployment methodologies we will guide you through the process of evaluating your organization’s requirements and building a bespoke migration strategy that fits your business needs.

Change Management

Change Management is the most important part of a cloud deployment. You are about to change the way in which your employees work on a day to day basis. Change is scary and disruptive but it can also be transformative and innovative but only with the right supports and investments in place.



Ensuring your organisation is ready for the coming change is important. Having a senior executive sponsor for your project, doing organisational and user analysis and how you will measure change and its success.



Communication is key to the success of any project and a cloud deployment is no different. Users won’t always read those emails that are sent out and its important to over communicate on large digital transformation projects like this.

Training Video