AFI Backup

Afi is a fully automated cloud solution that requires minimal supervision. Cloud enables fault tolerant platform that needs no maintenance & cloud storage immune to malware/disasters compared to on-prem solutions that require monitoring, updates, patching & storage capacity updates

Afi and Google Vault: Backup vs Archiving


Data for deleted G Suite Users is retained in for as long as needed.


Point-In-Time restore available for all backed up data.


AFI Recovery features allows automated direct restore to user accounts


AFI protects Contacts, Calendars, structure of folders, rights & permissions.

Set your AFI backup today with a AFI Licence


For < 5 Users

< 10GB storage


user / month

< 200 users


200+ users,

edu, non-profits

What do you get?

  • One protected G Suite/O365 user requires one Afi license. You can protect all domain users or only some of them.
  • You can protect unlimited number of users deleted from O365/G Suite (“Archived Users”) at no additional cost.
  • No limits on the number of protected SharePoint/Shared Drives when users are licensed.
  • No limits in terms of number of versions or time.
  • Discounted pricing available for education & non-profits.
  • Up to 3x per day backups available in all plans; high-frequency hourly backups available only in Custom plan.

Next Generation SaaS

  • No Backup Failures & Data Loss
  • Radically Simple
  • Next Gen Performance
  • New Features & Major Updates Released Quarterly .

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