Powerful and flexible, Chrome OS just works

Secure by design with regular updates, Chrome OS powers a variety of devices with a cloud-native operating system to give employees a free, flexible work experience.

Enable more control through the Chrome Enterprise license

Get the Chrome Enterprise license priced at $50/device annually

Unlock powerful management capabilities and 24/7 support from Google with the Chrome Enterprise license. Configure over 200 policies, integrate with leading identity and mobility management solutions, curate applications for user groups, and more.

  • Flexible cloud-based fleet management
  • Microsoft® Active Directory™ integration
  • Managed Google Play
  • Theft prevention
  • Printer management

Be an IT hero

Chrome OS is secure by design

  • Built-in security with a multilayered approach
  • AI-driven threat detection with Safe Browsing and Google Play Protect
  • Regular updates every six weeks — two to three weeks for security patches

Chrome Enterprise license gives you more control

  • Granular Controls including 200+ policies and fleet management features
  • Flexible enterprise mobility management and identity provider options, including Google Cloud Identity and Microsoft® Active Directory™
  • App curation with managed Google Play

Chromebooks save you money

  • Avoid downtime and the hassle that comes along with it
  • Minimize the risk of data loss from lost devices and accessories
  • Reduce time and costs associated with learning curves

Your users will love it too

All the apps you trust

  • Work securely with cloud-based G Suite apps through Chrome Browser
  • Access leading enterprise apps like Cisco Jabber, WebEx™, Vonage®, and more with managed Google Play
  • Use legacy apps through virtualization with VDI solutions from Citrix®, VMware, and others

Available any time, anywhere

  • Get instant access to your data, apps, extensions, and more when you sign in to your Google account
  • Keep moving with fast boot-up times and quick background updates
  • Take work on the go with offline mode in Google Drive, Gmail, and offline support in Google Play

Across different devices

  • Work longer and stay on track with a long battery life
  • Enjoy the same user experience on any device with Chrome Sync
  • Choose devices that suit any need or working style
  • Power different devices like touchscreens, notebooks, and tablets

Harness the power of Chrome OS


A powerful OS that was designed specifically for the cloud.


Enterprise productivity and scaled, central management through Chrome Enterprise.


Security built-in at every level to provide end-to-end protection.


One seamless experience for end-users across multiple devices.

Chrome Enterprise

Trusted by enterprises, startups, and everyone in between. Chrome Enterprise works better with the G Suite set of cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Calendar, and more.

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