GAT Solution (General Audit Tool)

Competitors like Bettercloud and Cloudlock have decided to develop API interfaces for other Cloud environments. We rejected this path as limited and ‘always falling behind’ approach. By focusing on adding really smart functionality to the Chrome browser, we don’t care what site your users visit, or what browser-based cloud tool they subscribe to, we’ve got them covered.

GAT+ and GAT Unlock | €/£ 12 user/year

Full drive and email Audit, thus making it the first 360-degree file security audit for G Suite. 360 Auditing gives you more oversight than any other audit or security tool. The most sophisticated security management mechanism for G Suite. You can securely access documents and emails, or change the ownership of documents, without the owner’s knowledge or permission.

GAT Shield Enterprise | €/£ 10 user/year

Take audit and protection right out to the edge. ‘Shield Enterprise’ offers the first ever genuine real-time DLP action and alerting system.

Not only that but, the design ensures that unlike our competition, your sensitive data never has to pass through software we control. Imagine, alerting for things like credit cards, bank account numbers, even HR details, without our software (or any third party) ever having to see the detail.

This is a genuine first in cloud computing. In addition, GAT Shield Enterprise provides detailed, centralised reporting of all Chrome activity, all Chrome extensions, all Chrome downloads, all Chrome site visits and all Chrome locations (via very accurate geo-placing). It allows for centrally managed usage triggered events, such as user warnings or alerts, forced closing of tabs, screen captures and even video captures.

GAT Shield Enterprise is a unique Chrome extension designed to compliment the Chrome management license in enterprise environments.

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