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Business apps your company needs, built by you

Build apps that help fill gaps, like accelerating business workflows or scaling internal operations, with G Suite’s low-code development environment. App Maker is included with G Suite Business and Enterprise editions as well as with G Suite for Education.

Build apps faster

Templates, drag-and-drop UI design and declarative data modeling make it easy for IT developers and enthusiasts to build apps that empower your teams.

Google App Maker
Google App Maker App

Gain insights and drive actions with connected apps

Whether it’s Gmail, Calendar or Sheets, it’s a cinch to connect with the data and services you need to make your apps more powerful. Plus, you can use Apps Script to access Google Cloud Platform and other third-party services.

Stay in control

G Suite administrators maintain visibility over what apps are running in their organizations, including information about owners, usage metrics and OAuth permissions.

Google App Maker Admin

Build on top of Cloud SQL, or Bring Your Own Database

App Maker comes with built-in support for Cloud SQL (GCP account for your domain required), offering high performance, scalability, and convenience. You can also connect App Maker to your own (non-Google) database using JDBC or REST API.

Templates that jumpstart your development

Whether it’s to build project tracking, travel approval or people directory apps, App Maker has many templates to get you started.

Apps that fit your brand

Use HTML and CSS to white label your apps and control the way they look on desktop and mobile.

Pooling talent resources was always an ad hoc process, but App Maker let us quickly build an app that tracks allocation requests in detail. Our custom app also calculates and provides management with a view of total resource utilization by month, something which was always more of a chore to put together manually.

Peter McAuley

Director IT , EA

Peter McAuley

Top questions about App Maker

How do I get started with App Maker?

Check out our developer docs and our Getting Started tutorial here.

Can I use App Maker as an EDU customer?

You sure can. Your administrator can turn it on for your users from the Admin Console.

What type of support can I expect with App Maker?

App Maker offers 24/7 technical support and service-level commitments.

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