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Hiver makes it easy to organise your emails, schedules and tasks to allow your team to provide the best possible Customer Service to your Clients.

Business Definition

Hiver is an email collaboration platform that helps teams across the organization manage shared inboxes like [email protected] [email protected] right from Gmail. With Hiver, each email gets status and an owner, ensuring emails don’t slip through the cracks.


Though over 5 million businesses use G Suite, there is no easy way for them to collaborate over team inboxes like [email protected] [email protected] Hiver solves this by helping teams using G Suite manage shared mailboxes right from Gmail. With Hiver, each email can be assigned as a task, given an owner, and a status. This leads to transparency about who is working on what. Users can also automate repetitive tasks, such as assigning emails from a specific customer to a particular agent. Moreover, it eliminates the need to CC/Forward emails (and thereby ending the era of long email threads) with the help of Internal Notes embedded with each email.


Hiver works on top of Gmail - which means users don’t have to switch to an alien email interface. Hiver retains the native Gmail UI which ensures teams are onboarded within minutes and there is no break in existing workflows. One of the biggest benefits of using Hiver is that it does not store user data and all the emails stay within Gmail - making it one of the most secure email collaboration solutions.

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