SheetGo Solution

Start connecting your cloud spreadsheets

Sheetgo is an enhancement to spreadsheets that allows you to stop copy/pasting, automate workflows, and share your data by connecting your cloud spreadsheets. Available as a Web Platform and Add-on. Also fully compatible with Google Drive.

Web Platform and Add-on

You can connect your spreadsheets in Google Drive and automate the flow of data. Compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc and more.

Transform and prepare data for analysis

Filter the data that you need with conditions. Consolidate from multiple sources creating a single database and freeze and append data.

Consolidate data

Centralize data from multiple sources by using the consolidate function to create a single database for analysis and reporting.

Filter spreadsheets

Use the filter function to import only the data that you need with a single condition OR customize complex conditions using query language.

Append data

Create a historic record of spreadsheet data by freezing spreadsheet values at specified intervals and appending new records below.

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