Solving Security, Compliance, & DLP Concerns with BetterCloud for Google Apps

While the power of Google for Work’s collaboration features allows users to create and share documents on Google Drive, IT and security teams lack the ability to granularly review and limit content sharing–specifically, documents containing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information.


Drive Compliance empowers IT and security teams to search the content of Drive, in near real-time, for personal information like social security numbers, payment information, and any custom regular expression in order to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and SOX.

With the addition of BetterCloud’s new Google Drive Compliance Engine with regular expression searching, they’ve taken their solution to the next level by providing IT administrators and security teams the tools to search for specific types of content, including credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and personally identifiable information (PII) within Google Drive.

Use Cases

BetterCloud for Google Apps can help detect users who are inadvertently or maliciously storing and sharing payment information, control how key information is shared inside and outside an organization, and uphold security standards vital to compliance policies.

Key Functionality

With BetterCloud for Google Apps, IT administrators can search Google Drive files for personally identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers, using regular expressions.

BetterCloud have also built the ability to create content-aware Drive sharing policies to continuously scan and correct documents.

Finally, with the help of BetterCloud for Google Apps, IT admins can auto-send notifications to users–such as the CISO or HR–of exposure risks or violations.

Learn More

For more information on how BetterCloud for Google Apps can help your organization solve key security, compliance, and data-loss-prevention concerns, watch this recorded webinar from Damson Cloud or download BetterCloud’s Guide To Evaluating Risky Third-Party Applications in Google Apps.

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