Google Apps delivers data in the field for Visual ID

At a Glance

What they wanted

  • Improve accessibility to information
  • Ability to collaborate effectively from multiple locations
  • Improve data backup facility

What they did

  • Deployed Google Apps

What they accomplished

  • Secure access to data from anywhere
  • Ability to share and collaborate on documents
  • Eliminated data backup concerns

Founded by Pier Kuipers and David Mc Donnell, Visual ID is Ireland’s market leader providing Digital Asset Management solutions to its clients since 1998.  As an independent supplier, Visual ID has no ties to advertising agencies, printers or publishers and is impartial to the creative content or intellectual property rights associated with their clients’ resources.

Visual ID offers businesses a secure and reliable, fully customisable product that provides an efficient storage, management and distribution system for digital files.  Visual ID’s cloud technology provides effective digital brand management for their clients, with the capability to manage the production of promotional material and literature at Head office, Store, Agent or Franchisee level for print and digital use.  They specialise in on-line solutions for industries with world-wide memberships, networks and franchisees.


With many of their employees spending time in the field; travelling to client locations to provide both training and attending customer meetings, improved accessibility to information such as email, calendars and documents was crucial.  The ability to easily collaborate on documents from anywhere in the country is also a vital element of their business and Piers Kuipers, CIO said “Collaboration and remote access to our information was a key factor in deciding which system to use.”


As a supplier of software themselves, Visual ID knew exactly what they needed.  Google’s cloud solution would enable them to reduce the cost of ownership, and benefit from large storage and enterprise security features.  This made Google Apps a natural and easy choice for the company.  “Damson Cloud made the transition seamless,” remarked David McDonnell, Managing Director, adding “they deployed Google Apps in an afternoon and provided on-site training for our staff as well as after-sales support.”


Visual ID has already begun to reap the rewards of deploying Google Apps.  Employees can now work from home or from any location, just as easily as from the office.  Sharing and collaborating on documents has become an effortless part of daily working life – having transformed the way the company communicates.  Data backup is no longer a concern, thanks to their Google cloud platform solution; ensuring that all their information is accessible, secure and always there when they need it.

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