Why Change Management is Critical for the Success of IT Transformation Projects

Adopting an efficient change management strategy is paramount to the success of a cloud transformation project. A good change management program ensures that any IT transformation project runs smoothly. In most cases, change is faced with opposition. In a company, most employees are already familiar with all tools they use, and so they may see an IT transformation project to be a threat to their productivity. By enlightening your employees on the merits of an IT transformation project, you will increase their willingness to accept change.

Change Management

This is the sequence of steps that the IT project manager should use to apply change in an IT transformation project. There are three distinct phases involved in a change management program.

Phase 1 – Preparing Change
Entails defining the change management strategy, preparing the change management team, and developing a change sponsorship model.

Phase 2 – Managing Change
Involves developing change management plans and taking action to implement the plans.

Phase 3 – Reinforcing Change
Involves collecting and analysing employees’ feedback. Managers diagnose the gaps and handle any resistance to change. They also implement any corrective actions, and participate in celebrating the change successes.

There are three top transformation management strategies that can help guarantee the success of an IT Management Project.

  1. Communicate with users
    All employees must be informed on the roll-out timeline of the IT transformation project. Knowing the roles they are supposed to play in the transformation project aids in reducing the resistance to change. It will build employees’ excitement about using the new application in the company’s operations. Good communication about the change can be done through announcements, notification emails, and posters.

    • Announcements
      These can be made using the various channels of communication available in the company. For instance, the management team might address a staff meeting about the change. This will help employees to prepare themselves for the transformation.
    • Notification by email
      Notification emails should be sent to all employees about the change. Emails can be sent at intervals. There should be a first notification, a reminder with details of required preparation, and a welcome message email after the change has been implemented.
    • Posters
      The management team can customise the template communicating about the change and hang the posters around the office. This should be performed about four weeks prior to the switch-over.
  2. Educate users
    Teaching users how to use the new IT program is an excellent way of assimilating change in a corporation. The concerned IT managers should develop printed, video and online tutorial guides to help users in running the new program. The online tutorial centres can have localised training resources with a full set of user guides.
  3. Support users
    In order for the new program to be effective for use in a company, IT managers should offer their support to employees. They should address all setbacks likely to be encountered by staff. They should also show the employees all the tips and tricks of using the new program.

Why Employ Change in an IT Transformation Project?

It is essential for employees to make a transition from a legacy system to a new project program quickly and efficiently. This aids in minimising loss of productivity and disruptions to a corporation’s operations. It also elevates the employees’ adoption of change, usage and proficiency. It minimises the risk associated with acceptance of the new program, and eradicates the adverse effects of unplanned disruptions to the corporation’s operations.

Merits of Change Management in an IT Transformation Project

Change is adopted if it complements the productivity of a company’s operations. A cloud transformation project is meant to increase the efficiency of operations. It ensures all processes run smoothly and are accomplished on time. Such projects are important in improving management and communication between managers and employees, and help an organisation to attain its full productivity.

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