Why NextGen portals?

NextGen Portals are an important feature in Office 365. Get familiar with them now and later when you have done your upgrade, you can wow your peers with how much easier your Knowledge Management and Enterprise Collaboration are compared to what the other companies are doing on older systems. Office 365 is going to be offering NextGen Portals, and that is because they will, straight away, be the platform delivery system for these key business tools.

What are NextGen portals?

NextGen Portals, an evolution of Sharepoint, are best of breed platforms that integrates with on-premise and cloud based resources to provide the latest and best data anywhere in the world. They can be points to socialize and network live as well as via message boards – think Yammer; intelligent (for instance, using Office Graph to create more relevant information for customers); mobile means they are easy to tap into from whatever device you have at hand; and of course ready to go. One of the ideas behind the new additions is to give more information, so less time is needed in order to provide daily business functions which are routine. There is also the ability to make custom portals using SharePoint publishing for your own company needs or customers benefit taking advantage of the new REST APIs, controls, and industry-standard tools.

Collaborate with delve

Part of the package includes the user profile, which helps you to find the right people for the job via their profile using enterprise search or Delve discovery. Profiles will show what matters to companies – who they are, their expertise, who they work for and with, and the type of content they most often use or create as part of their own work life.

Page Authoring Canvas allows users to create and display a wide assortment of new content such as embedded Office documents, videos, ‘friendly’ URLs, blog posts and more. Now it is easier to use on mobile and simpler to find information via InfoPedia. InfoPedia is a searchable directory of knowledge and networking even beyond what was thought possible with Sharepoint. Offering trusted sharing; it can be company wide and help employees do a better job or learn new things and innovate.

NextGen Portals

Custom portals are the popular new kid on the block

NextGen portals address the key knowledge management and collaboration use cases that businesses typically require and have attempted to built custom portals for previously. They also teach companies the best practices that they can use to build their own portals (Office 365). Using better and better tools for portals – such as JavaScript or client-side rendering – a better quality of information can be presented. This is especially helpful for mobile development pages as well as those which are considered responsive or interactive pages. Picture REST endpoints, minus the long server-side runtime. If you like Azure you’ll love NextGen custom portals.

The role of cloud

Cloud computing takes Sharepoint’s content collaboration into hyper drive, because as Sharepoint improves it is more and more integrated with all of Office. According to Julia White, general manager for the Office Product Management, the cloud’s appeal is that brand new experiences for the user and new knowledge can be delivered where it is requested faster than any other method of dissemination. Office 365, White says, is becoming a source of collaboration, mobile work solutions, and even an assistant to machine learning.

Sharepoint standby

For businesses that are strictly in-office, behind a firewall mini network operations, developers are working on Sharepoint server so that it is secure, stable, and reliable. This will enable even the smallest companies access to the cloud as much or little as they wish while maintaining that overall network control.

New to Office 365

Top features include Delve, Video, email, messaging, and Sharepoint. Beyond Search, content, and team sites will come more directly relevant interactions with Office 365. Imagine collaborative work from any device, wherever you are. Got a 3AM idea? Share it and expand on it, then go back to bed and wake up to the response from the rest of your team.


The lists of possibilities for NextGen Portals and cloud computing are virtually endless. Connecting devices together to become a ‘community’ mind enable companies to think and expand in ways that would have been impossible pre-cloud. The best way to understand what all the integrations will mean to your own small business is, of course, to experience them.
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