Why Your Business Needs a Professional Email Address!

In the digital marketplace, having a relevant business name is just as important as the resources you put into it. The same principle applies to having a professional domain and email address: whilst it may be a temptation to save funds using base-level personal email accounts, choosing that professional option represents a wise investment. This leads us into one of our pet peeves: getting business cards with personal email addresses.

You Know What Really Grinds Our Gears?

Here at Damson Cloud, we regularly receive business cards loaded with contact information. In many cases, we see on these cards email addresses which are connected to personal accounts, and not professional business domains. When people don’t have a domain for their email, we can assume that it isn’t a business we are dealing with, but a hobby. We put those straight in the bin. 

Aside from getting on our nerves, the negative implications of using a personal email address for your business are huge. If small businesses out there aren’t willing to spend a small amount of money on a domain, it suggests that they aren’t taking their business, or we as the consumer, seriously. Afterall, once you own your own domain, you can do anything you like with it, using it to host an online store or to shared branded information with your customer base. This should be a real online location to refer people if they want to meet you: far more impressive than a bit of card with a Yahoo! email address.

A Question of Credibility

However, it’s not all down to having a domain, and that brings us onto our next pet peeve. We regularly meet people who have a website domain, but aren’t actually using it for email. Whilst this may be acceptable for individuals such as personal trainers and social influencers, it doesn’t fill us with confidence as a customer when you are offering a product or service. In essence, having that professional domain and email address is an absolute essential in building the credibility of your business. Make that small investment and reap the benefits of customers who are ready to transact with an official, professional and established online presence.

Credibility is about more than simply keeping up appearances, however. In the digital marketplace, credibility is closely linked to consumer trust – and why should consumers take a risk with their hard-earned cash? We must ask ourselves why potential customers should trust a brand who won’t even invest that resources into their own recognition and branding. Trust supports profits – so make that minimal effort and give your customers that online location they deserve from you. 

Better Security, Better Privacy, Better Business

Some of the benefits of having a professional domain and email address are a no-brainer. However, many are unaware of the enhanced safety, privacy and data protection offered by such an investment. Base-line, personal email accounts often offer less security and privacy features, putting your vital business information at perpetual risk. Deciding to make that small investment makes your communications and sensitive data more secure, allowing you to add as many security measures as you like. 

In a nutshell, businesses should look at a professional domain and email address as a special hotline, installed specifically to serve the interests of their communications and digital needs. It helps to cast our memories back to the days of the late nineties and early noughties, when having a landline phone connection was crucial to being taken seriously. Having a professional domain and email address is the modern landline – so make that investment and don’t get left behind. 

Get out there and set up a professional domain, and show your customers that you’re taking them seriously. You can thank us later!

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