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Change Management

Transform your workplace with our change management programmes

Smoothly transition to Google Workspace with ease

At Damson Cloud, we care about moving your people, not just your data, to Google Workspace. With effective communication and expert training, we deliver innovative change management programmes designed to facilitate a seamless transition to Google.

As experts in change management, we have created programmes to help you maintain business uptime and minimise downtime. Our team will be involved with you at every step of your Google Workspace migration and ensure your team is well-equipped for the change ahead. Achieve digital transformation and create an agile, collaborative organisation designed for success.

Why choose Damson Cloud to help with change management?

  • We are experts in change management and provide helpful training to boost your team’s digital skill sets
  • We provide fast and effective guidance tailored to your business goals
  • We have years of experience supporting businesses to make a smooth transition to Google Workspace

Your Google Cloud Premier Partner

Google Cloud Partner

Benefits of our change management services


Upskills your

With our expert Google Workspace training, your team will feel more skilled and prepared to use the Google platform to its full potential.


Your team will know how to use Google Workspace to meet business needs through tools that streamline workflows and boost efficiency.

Prepares your business for the future

Your organisation will be equipped for change with expert guidance and support from change management specialists.

What our change management process involves

The digital transformation journey can leave businesses behind if they do not have the skills to keep up. This change can be scary, but we can help make it easier.

With our change management programme, your team will get to know the power of Google Workspace, helping them to enhance their skills and improve productivity. We’ll take the time to understand your business needs and tailor our programmes to help make the switch to Google Workspace seamless.

Organisational Analysis

We’ll conduct a detailed analysis of the impact of moving to Google Workspace for your organisation. Your employees will fill out a user survey to discuss how they feel about the change, their skill levels and how the change will impact current business processes. With this insight, we’ll make recommendations and help guide you through any necessary business improvements.


We’ll work with your senior executives to help them understand and support the change to Google Workspace. To ensure the transition is as smooth and easy as possible, we’ll provide helpful resources about what is to come and how to get prepared for it.


Any change requires good communication. That’s why we’ll work closely with your IT and communication team to provide resources and guidance appropriate for your business and wider team. With this information, your employees will understand the benefits that Google Workspace will bring and how things will change.


Once we find out the results from the initial user survey, we’ll create a bespoke training plan dedicated to the needs of your organisation. This may include live group training, video guides, advanced training for certain teams and our weekly Google Workspace tips newsletter to ensure continuous learning. We’ll also offer dedicated training for your IT Admins so they’ll be comfortable when it comes to managing users on this platform.

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What are the basics of Change Management?

What are the basics of Change Management?

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