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Whether you’re at the beginning of your Google Workspace journey or you’re looking to upskill your team, our training is a great way to learn new skills and get the most out of Workspace. Like all our services, we’ll tailor each training session to your organisation’s needs and either deliver it online or in person.

We believe that training is one of the most important pillars for change management and digital transformation. With our in-depth training, your team will be able to achieve more, helping increase employee output and efficiency. Find out how Damson Cloud can train your team today.

Why choose Damson Cloud for Google Workspace Training?

  • We are Google Premier Partners which means we’re trusted by Google to give you the training your organisation needs
  • We are experts in all things Google and experienced in upskilling teams across industries
  • We stay on the cutting edge of Google Workspace technology and will always give you updated tips and advice on how to optimise the platform

Your Google Cloud Premier Partner

Google Cloud Partner

Benefits of Google Workspace Training


Maximise employee potential

Receive training analysis and personalised training for your entire organisation. Get targeted training objectives for your IT team, mobile workers and senior management. Now, your organisation has the skills to leverage Google Workspace and make it work to its full potential.


Access advanced product and process training so your organisation knows how to use Google Workspace effectively. Find out what tools can streamline workflows and save time whilst increasing productivity across your team.

Keeps you
up to date

Damson Cloud is often the first to hear about new features and releases for Google Workspace, which means we can prepare your team for change with the latest training available. Digital transformation is all about change – stay current with cutting-edge insights.

Training courses we provide

During our training, we offer tips and tricks, how-to guides, video content and a valuable intranet site for training online. All courses are available online and in-person and can be tailored to beginners and advanced users.

End User

Improve employee efficiency with tailored training on Google Workspace tools. This training can focus on particular tools or be tailored to your employees’ knowledge. Whether you’re looking to train new starters or upskill experienced users, our team is here to provide engaging training for all. All training can accommodate up to 15 attendees per session and can also be 1 on 1 session for those looking for specialist training.

Dedicated Admin Training Site

Access our dedicated Google Workspace admin training site that’ll give your IT admins the materials to effectively manage your account. On our site, you can access resources on account settings, user management, security settings and other Google admin responsibilities.

Admin Training Coaching Camp

Empower your IT team with our advanced training on the Google Admin Panel. We will help assist your team to obtain an official Google Admin Certificate with relevant resources and answer specific course questions when required. Once your admins complete all the learning resources, they will have the option to complete Google’s official exam to receive a Google Admin Certificate. Please note that there is an additional fee from Google to complete the exam.


Our admin training is a perfect course for admin and super admin roles looking to refresh their general knowledge or learn about the Google Admin Panel. All sessions are led by a former Google Support Engineer and will cover the basics of the Google Admin Panel to help better manage your users, licences, security, sharing rules and much more. This course can be easily tailored to knowledge level and area of interest.

Learning Site: Basecamp

Access our learning site, Basecamp, to refresh your knowledge about Google Workspace and pick up on new product features with regularly updated videos. Tailored with the end-user in mind, Basecamp is a perfect option for organisations looking for instant training for new users or those looking to learn more.

Weekly Training Tips

Our tip of the Week service provides weekly emails to all your employees with detailed and easy to follow tips on implementing new Google updates or becoming more efficient with existing features. Each topic is carefully selected by our professional trainers to be the most relevant to your business and applicable in day to day work for your team.

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