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Migrating to Google Workspace

Make the change from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace today

You’re in safe hands

Make the shift from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace and elevate your business with secure, flexible and innovative tools from Google. When it’s time to migrate your data to Google Workspace, Damson Cloud will provide you with all the tools your team needs to connect, create, collaborate and succeed.

We’ll help any business, no matter the size and ensure your transition to Google Workspace is smooth, safe and secure.

Why choose Damson Cloud for your Google Workspace migration?

  • We are specialist Google Premier Partners that have helped a variety of businesses migrate their data to Google Workspace
  • We offer a smooth, safe and effortless transition to Google Workspace, so you have more time to make important business decisions elsewhere
  • We will tailor our migration service to your organisation, giving teams of all sizes the tools they need to achieve success

Your Google Cloud Premier Partner

Google Cloud Partner

Why switch from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace?


with ease

Google Workspace is designed to make working easy so that’s why the design is too. Compared to Microsoft 365’s feature-heavy design, Google Workspace has a simpler UX that’s easy to navigate and use, so you can get back to being productive with no time lost.

in the moment

Google Workspace is a cloud-native platform, meaning you can easily access all your files, collaborate with others and edit documents in one place. Microsft 365 limits collaboration while Workspace allows everyone to work on the same document with real-time teamwork. Helping you to optimise productivity with seamless working.

Feel safe
and secure

With a 99% uptime guaranteed, Google Workspace will ensure all your data is kept safe and secure from possible cyber threats. Workspace is built on a reliable security infrastructure which will protect your data without the need for add-on security solutions. Working productively and safely doesn’t need to be expensive – Workspace makes it affordable.

Access more cost-effective pricing

Google Workspace’s pricing model is straightforward and flexible, giving you full visibility of what you’re paying for without any hidden costs. Our experienced team will make sure that you’re getting the best value for money and all the support you need during your switch.

Why you need a migration specialist

Migrating data is no simple task and it’s especially important to get it done right the first time. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as transferring different files, workflows and any third-party integrations and authentications. Damson Cloud is a data migration specialist with over a decade of experience helping small and large businesses smoothly transition to Google Workspace.

We’ll migrate data that’s important for your business – whether it’s emails, contacts or files. Our team of experts will get you set up and ready in no time.

Mail Migration

We’ll migrate all your emails to Google Workspace with ease, so you can get back to collaborating with no disruptions.

File Migration

We’ll move all your files and folders to Google Drive, ensuring everything remains in the same places as it was once before.

Contact Migration

We’ll transfer all your contacts across including all their details, helping you to get in touch instantly without the hassle of hunting down their email from others.

Calendar Migration

We’ll migrate all future and previous calendar events from the last year to Calendar, so you know what’s planned for the week ahead when you first log in to Workspace.

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