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Google Workspace is built on simplicity, which has helped millions of businesses to boost productivity with ease. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself needing an extra bit of help and support from a Google specialist. The dedicated team at Damson Cloud is here to provide fast, effective and responsible support whenever you need it.

Why choose Damson Cloud for your Google support?

  • We offer a wide range of support services, including advice and guidance, security updates and more
  • We are focused on providing expert support that is fast, effective and responsive
  • We have supported customers on Google Workspace for over a decade

Your Google Cloud Premier Partner

Google Cloud Partner

Benefits of our personal Google Workspace support


Improved security posture

We’ll ensure your data is safe and secure with our expert security insights.


Our team offers some of the fastest support in the market. Reduce the time it takes to resolve issues with our expert advice on hand.


We all want value for money, so our support ensures you get the best return on your investment in Google Workspace.

Tailored advice and guidance

We’ll take the time to understand your business needs and tailor our support services to them.

Expert helpdesk support

We have Google Workspace experts on hand to answer your queries and support your team when they need it most.

Quick admin support

We’ve helped clients increase their Workspace licences within 30 seconds of being contacted. Whether you need new licences or user set-up, we’ll get it sorted in no time.

Master Google Workspace

Want to use Workspace DLP to prevent data loss but not sure where to start? Our team has built a training platform for admins on everything you need to know about Workspace administration.

best practices

Our team works closely with Google and can help you implement the best practices around areas such as security, endpoint management, offboarding and much more.

What our support services include

With multiple decades of combined experience, our support team is here to help you with any support queries you may have. Whether it’s adding new licences, onboarding new users or anything in between, we will give you the help you need.


If you’re a growing business, we can easily add additional licences to your account within a few minutes, so you can avoid any time wasted.

System Updates

Whenever there are system updates and new feature add-ons, we’ll help you understand what is available and how you can get the most out of it whether it’s on Google Workspace or from third-party tools.

Security Management

Our team will protect you from ransomware and other malicious attacks with the latest cybersecurity technologies available

Onboarding New Users

Our onboarding system will prepare your team for change, whatever size and shape it might come in. Make your IT induction seamless with our expert remote and in-person training that teaches new users how best to use Workspace.

Third-party Tool Support

Enhance your Workspace experience with our hand-picked list of premium third-party tools that’ll boost productivity and keep your business as secure as possible.

Helpdesk Support

Our helpdesk team will help with any support requirement outside of our current offerings, ensuring there is always someone on hand to help no matter the question.

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