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Cloud Workspaces

Why it’s time to move your workspace to the cloud

Unlock the power of the cloud
with Google Workspace

The future of work is digital and how your business can keep up with this change is by moving to the cloud. With Google Workspace, your business can increase efficiency, streamline workflows and achieve greater scalability. Google Workspace is a cloud solution that allows you to access data and applications from anywhere, helping you to effectively work and connect with colleagues and clients.

Increase productivity, organisation and efficiencies with the secure Google Workspace platform. Contact the Damson Cloud team to find out how we can accelerate your digital transformation journey today. 

Why choose Damson Cloud to help you make the switch to the cloud?

  • We are Google Premier Partners and have years of experience digitally transforming small to large businesses
  • We’re trusted by Google to give the most appropriate advice about using their cloud solution to meet business goals
  • We provide expert support that is effective, responsive and always gets your questions answered

Your Google Cloud Premier Partner

Google Cloud Partner

Benefits of Cloud Workspaces


Future-proofing for your business

Over the past few years, we have seen a revolution in the world of work. Flexible working has now become the rule for many businesses. Adopting a cloud solution like Google Workspace allows you to meet the demands of a changing world of work and scale your operations without the added cost of expensive hardware.

Creates a hybrid workforce

Cloud solutions allow your business to be just as efficient, if not more, in a remote location as on-site. As long as your team has a working internet connection, they can work, connect and collaborate anywhere on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Increases productivity

Modern workplaces thrive on flexibility, allowing anyone to choose when and where they work as long as they meet important KPIs. Google Workspace is a completely flexible tool that equips your workforce with the right tools they need to work efficiently and also the admin features you need to monitor output.

your data

Storing your data on the cloud is a safe and secure option that ensures data can easily be relocated should it be accidentally lost or deleted. Google Workspace has enhanced security and privacy settings that are committed to meeting your compliance needs.

How we’ll help you make the move to the cloud

As experienced IT experts, we’ll assist you on your digital transformation journey by moving you to the cloud. We specialise in Google Workspace and can help set up and migrate your data across to this platform. Plus, we can offer expert training, support and consultancy for how best to maximise Google’s cloud-based workspace.

Make the switch to the cloud today. Contact our experts to get you started.

Google Workspace
Set Up

We’ll seamlessly set up your Google Workspace account and ensure you have access to the right tools to improve communication, collaboration and productivity.

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We’ll ensure all your data is safely and securely migrated to Google Workspace, so you can easily access it once you move over.


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Google Workspace Support

Whenever you need help adding new licenses or onboarding users, we’ll be there to support you. Our experienced helpdesk team will assist you with any technical questions as well as provide security management when required.

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Google Workspace Training

We offer in-depth training on Google Workspace tools to help upskill your team and get the most out of the platform. All courses are available online or in person and will be tailored to your business needs.

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Google Workspace Consultancy

If you’re looking to maximise Google Workspace’s potential, we offer expert consultancy that’ll improve communication and productivity and maintain IT security measures. We’ll work with you to understand your current challenges and find ways to improve your success.

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Google Workspace Security Audits

Looking to improve the security of your Google Workspace account? Damson Cloud’s security audit will identify weaknesses in your system and help you find ways of improving it with training, workshops and tailored response plans.

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