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Making the move to Google Workspace isn’t just about small changes or improvements to your business. This shift will unlock brand new ways of working productively that’ll transform the way you do business. At Damson Cloud, we hold specialist transformation workshops that’ll kick-start your journey with Google and help us understand your current business processes.

We’ll work with you to identify improvements that could be done through Google’s tools and how you can drive transformational change for the future. Now is the time to embrace change and let Damson Cloud help you on the way.

Why choose Damson Cloud for transformation workshops?

  • We have years of experience in helping organisations unlock Google Workspace’s full potential and achieve success
  • We curate bespoke transformation workshops that are tailored to your business needs and challenges
  • We provide expert support that is fast, effective and responsive

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Benefits of transformation workshops


Improve your current way of working

We’ll work with you to understand your current business processes and look for ways to improve how you work with Google Workspace. When implemented, you’ll improve efficiencies, save time and see an increase in team output.

Create a transformational mindset

Our workshops are all about changing for success. By encouraging people to think with a transformational mindset, you are embedding a culture of change within your organisation that will help you to continually improve.

Unlock the potential of Google Workspace

By working with Damson Cloud, you’ll find out ways to effectively use Google Workspace tools and make the most out of it to drive further innovation and change.

What happens within a transformation workshop?

Transformation workshops are a crucial part of setting up and using Google Workspace for long-term success. Whether your initial motive for moving to Google is collaboration, improving processes, being more efficient or trying a new way of working, we will help you to unlock your full potential by starting your journey to success with a transformation workshop.


The first stage is designed to inspire key stakeholders across your organisation to see the full potential of Google. We’ll use industry-specific examples and work with a team or cross-department mix of people to talk through specific use cases and start to engage with them on the opportunities that Google Workspace can bring to the organisation.


In the discovery phase, we will get your people to search for specific challenges within the business that could be improved by Google. For many people, they find this stage the most exciting as they get the opportunity to review often outdated processes and look for ways to improve the way they work. The migration to Google Workspace often acts as the catalyst for new, improved ways of working.


The final stage of the transformation workshop is to look for quick wins that will have a high impact and are easy to implement. We map this out using a matrix and aim to use the proto-typing part of the session to actually build out and implement the new process using Google. This is a great way to gain internal buy-in and work towards shifting company culture towards a new, transformational way of working.

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