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Google Workspace Security Audits

Protecting your Google Workspace environment from security threats

Secure your data with Damson Cloud

Google Workspace streamlines authentication, operational control and asset protection in one easy-to-use platform. Despite Google’s top-level security, there’s often room for improvement for every business. Upgrade your Workspace security with Damson Cloud’s security audit, designed to assess your current domain configuration, security processes and procedures.

Why choose Damson Cloud to audit your Google Workspace?

  • We have over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, so we know exactly how to keep your Google Workspace secure and safe from malicious attacks
  • We’ll work alongside you to ensure you’re meeting with best practices and policies within your Google environment
  • We are focused on providing effective support that is fast and responsive

Your Google Cloud Premier Partner

Google Cloud Partner

Benefits of our Google Workspace security service


Keeps you

With our expert knowledge, you’ll know how to solve security weak spots and guard yourself against potential security threats with the latest tools available.

Increases cyber security awareness

Follow our expert training and pass on best practices to your entire business, so you can decrease security incidents and create a workforce with security at its core.

Improves incident management

Handle any security incidents before they get worse with tailored response plans in place so you can stay prepared no matter what happens.

your team

Receive lightning-fast support on any security question you have about Google Workspace from our expert team. We’re always here to help with whatever questions you might have.

What’s included in a Google Workspace security audit?

Our audit will include a thorough and insightful assessment of your Google platform’s security and find ways to decrease the threat of security incidents and potential attacks. Damson Cloud’s security audit will spot weaknesses, find solutions and make sure you always stay safe in cyberspace.

Our security audit includes the following:

Security Assessment

We’ll assess your current security measures for your Google Workspace and identify the best course of action for your business’s security.

Security Workshop

We’ll provide a personalised security workshop to ensure your organisation follows security best practices, so you can avoid security breaches from ever happening.

Implementation Plan

We’ll create a bespoke implementation plan based on your unique needs, including expert recommendations for current security weaknesses.

Incident Response

We’ll craft a tailored plan for security incidents and crises, so you’re always prepared if you ever face one in the future.

Security Training

To ensure your team is supported, we can provide in-depth training on security protocols and prevention methods, helping you to build a cyber-secure work culture.

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