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Thank You for an Amazing 2019!

As we move into the new decade, the team at Damson Cloud has been reflecting on a year of growth, success and fascinating industry discussion. To celebrate a fantastic and rewarding year in 2019, we’ve put together a video review of the year, highlighting some of our top interviews, events and insights. 

A Special ‘Thank-You’

Here at Damson Cloud, we couldn’t start the new year without offering a massive thank-you to each and every person and organisation who have contributed to our growth and success, including those customers who have entrusted us in managing their Google environment, helping them leverage the most from the investment they’ve made in Google’s technology. Finally, we’d like to send a special message of thanks to those of you who took the time to take part in interviews, demos, presentations and more, helping us build our content over the year.

Racking up the Air Miles

It’s been a colourful year for the team at Damson Cloud, and our CEO Fintan Murphy has seen his fair share of airports and passport queues. However, it’s all been totally worth it: we’ve shared our expertise with businesses and organisations across Ireland, the UK and further afield into Europe. This kicked off with Damson being official launch partners for Google Voice. Two of our own clients Zoopla and Cazoo were the UK’s first Google Voice customers as part of the announcement at Google Next in San Francisco. We were proud to be part of the launch partners for Google Voice and continue to work closely with the Google Voice team in 2020.

We travelled to Amsterdam’s glorious Strandzuid, taking part in Happeo’s annual summit, which was expanded with an extra day for the first time. Packed with great events, discussions and demos, 2019’s Happeo Summit saw a special focus on partners, improving their success and providing them with the tools to achieve digital transformation for their customers. We were joined by Happeo customers from across Europe, catching up with internal comms experts Mike Klein and Jonathan Davies. We were also delighted to learn more about Happeo’s in-house research on quantifying employee engagement, which we’re excited to hear more about across 2020!

A Thriving Google Ecosystem

In more of our travels, we ventured to the gorgeous city of Stockholm, Sweden for the annual Google Cloud Meeting Solutions Summit. At the event, we sat down with Huddly’s Runar Ytrehus to discuss the latest Huddly cameras for Hangout Meets, as well as ASUS’s Kieran Vora who gave us an exclusive walkthrough on some awesome new Hangout Meets hardware. We took in the sights and sounds of Stockholm whilst sharing insights with Google’s thriving European ecosystem, in what was a rewarding and memorable trip.

For the team at Damson Cloud, 2019 has been a year of building connections with Google partners across Europe. This was facilitated by the launch of the Global Cloud Partner Association, bringing together like-minded Google Cloud partners from around the world. The creation of the Association has been instrumental in connecting Damson Cloud with industry leaders in digital transformation, leading to some fascinating interviews and contributions to our own content over the year.

Interviews have formed a large part of our content over 2019, and we are excited to build upon this momentum in the new decade. For example, Damson Cloud CEO Fintan Murphy sat down with C-Learning’s Ian Nairn and Symfoni Next’s Tord Ripe to debunk some of the most persistent myths around moving to the cloud, as well as discussing the true value of working with a Google partner and why customers continue to choose Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) over other solutions on the market. We really enjoyed our discussions with Ian and Tord, and look forward to catching up with them at future events.

Industry-Leading Insights

We couldn’t review the year without touching upon the awesome Google Cloud NEXT London event, where we sat down with Cobry’s Rowan Manson to discuss Google Workspace, collaboration and digital transformation. As well as discussing the story of Cobry, we recorded an interview around the ongoing practice of shadow IT, the limitations of traditional tech and the rise of the digital native. Across the course of our conversations, it is consistently highlighted that user experience is key. Google Dublin was another key event where Damson Cloud were fortunate to deliver presentations on digital transformation to some of the industry’s top players.

Along the canals of Amsterdam, we got the chance to interview two players we really admire: Happeo’s Meredith Silver and Gapps’ Katja Järveläinen. We sat down to discuss Happeo’s customer pain points and the importance of change management in each interview respectively. As with all of our interviews, the full contribution can be accessed via our library of videos - be sure to check them out!

As we approached the end of a year brimming with interviews, events and workshops, we concluded 2019 with an exclusive interview with Perttu Ojansuu, CEO and co-founder of Happeo. Damson Cloud subscribers were treated to an interview discussing the roots of Happeo, including its Finland roots and its rapid growth. Split across two interviews, our conversations with Pertuu also focused on the work behind creating a best-in-class internal communications platform, including initial challenges and contributions to the Google Ecosystem. 

More About Damson Cloud

Our growth wouldn’t have been possible in 2019 without our loyal community of followers and subscribers. We invite our followers to keep their eyes on our blog over the next 12 months, with big plans for Damson Cloud on the horizon. So - to all of you who have followed our journey over the past year or so we say thank you! We look forward to continuing to share our journey in helping organisations change the way they work. 

As a longstanding member of the Google Cloud Partner program, Damson Cloud specialise in bringing people and ideas together through new ways of working. We champion change management and digital transformation using some of the internet’s most trusted solutions, including Google Workspace, Happeo and Jamboard. To find out more about our services, check out our library of tutorial videos or our blog.

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