What Data Will Be Migrated?

Cloud Consultation & Data Migrations

Damson Cloud can help your organisation evaluate the cloud solutions which are best for you and help you migrate your data over.

Why Do I Need To Migrate My Data?

If your company is moving from Microsoft 365 to Google or your company has just been acquired, you will need to consider migrating your data from your previous 

systems for the following reasons: 

Legacy Data

You can choose whether or not you want all your data migrated over, or whether you just want your company to start with a clean slate.


If you choose to migrate your data, we transfer all your data from Mail, Calendar and Drives, over to your new Google Workspace.


At Damson, we recommend migrating your company's data to maximise productivity after your change to. anew operating system.


We are here to support you every step of the way on your migration journey, and after. Check out our support page for more

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Why You Need A Migration Specialist

Stats from an Average Migration 

Migrating data is no simple task and it is vitally important that it is done in the most meticulous way possible. 

Thankfully, you have Damson Cloud here to help. Data Migration Specialists with an immaculate track record and a plethora of happy customers to boot. 

During an average migration, we often migrate millions of emails and terabytes of data in total. If you want a smooth transition to a new operating system, you need a specialist like Damson Cloud. 

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What Data Will Be Migrated?

In most cases the following data will be migrated:


All of your emails will be migrated. Make sure you tidy up your inbox before hand to avoid unnecessary migrations!​


All fo your contacts will be migrated.​


All future + up to 1 year history is the standard for calendar event migrations.

Drive Files

Enquire with Damson for more info on Drive file migrations​

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