Deployment & Consulting

Damson Cloud can help your organisation evaluate the cloud solutions for communication and collaboration.  Many organisations struggle to discover the best tools for providing true collaboration and effective communication within teams.  We have been in the cloud consulting business for over a decade and our experience has helped hundreds of companies like yours evaluate the tools, train the teams and manage the change for employees from one solution to another.

The deployment is one of the most important parts of your cloud journey.  Whether you’re deploying a core toolset like G Suite or an additional tool like Happeo, it is important to know the pitfalls and strategies to mitigate against the risks.  Something that only comes with experience and at Damson Cloud we have a lot of it!  

We help organisations with

  • Deployment Planning
  • Migration
  • Change Management
  • Training

Planning in any deployment is important as most IT professionals will know, however with a move to the cloud such as migrating to G Suite it is even more important as you are about to change how your employees work.  It is important to consider how much data needs to be migrated, what systems integrate with your current environment, what will security look like in this new cloud environment and much more.

Change Management is part of any G Suite deployment that we do at Damson Cloud. The technology is important but even more important is bringing the people along with you. You need to communicate clearly with staff what change is coming and why your organisation has decided to move everyone to Google’s platform. Change Management also includes executive sponsorship as a G Suite deployment is not an IT project but a change project with an element of IT. We need to ensure there is buy-in at the highest level within your organisation. Ideally we want the CEO to announce the new platform that is going to help transform the organisation and create a more innovative way of working.