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3rd Party Tools in Google Workspace

In this week’s video, Fintan talks to Paul Lees, Founder of Bespin Labs about 3rd party tools in the Google Workspace environment, how they have evolved and why they’re necessary to get the most out of Google Workspace.

Paul discusses how Patronum fits into the Google Workspace ecosystem, the history of the tool, how the development cycle was created and what role it can play for businesses. One of the main points is that there are multiple third party tools that can plug into Google Workspace that effectively make it a stronger all-round solution for businesses. It is capable of managing a large amount of users and as such is a great fit for businesses of any size.

What is Patronum?

Patronum is a third-party tool that helps secure Google Workspace accounts by detecting and blocking phishing attacks. It is an application developed by Bespin Labs and is available in the Google Workspace Marketplace. Patronum uses machine learning algorithms to analyse user behaviour and detect suspicious activities. Once detected, it blocks access to the suspicious activity and alerts the user or administrator.

Why do I need 3rd Party tools for Google Workspace?

3rd party tools are an essential add-on for Google Workspace and they allow businesses to remain productive and collaborative. By integrating into Google Workspace, it means that businesses can have everything in one place, consolidating their multiple software solutions into one place. Working with a Google Partner such as Damson Cloud means that we have a team readily available to assist businesses that may have this challenge, multiple software types in different areas without the platform to effectively integrate within, causing a challenge or a compromise in security.

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