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Damson Cloud’s Fintan Murphy Discusses Digital Transformation at Google Dublin

Professionals from a variety of industries and organisations gathered recently in Google's Dublin HQ to learn more about how Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Chrome and Google Voice could create leverage to digitally transform their organisation. Damson Cloud’s very-own Fintan Murphy took to the stage to tell the story of the company and its journey in transforming the way we work. Check it out!

Opening up his presentation, Fintan introduces himself and the goal of Damson Cloud: using change management and digital transformation to bring new ways of working to businesses and organisations. “It’s about breaking down those silos in your companies, changing how a lot of your processes are done. I’m very much on the people and change management side, and my technical team is on the technology side of things,” shares Fintan. With locations in Dublin and London, Damson Cloud has enjoyed significant growth - particularly in the UK market. 

The Three Customer Pillars

With basic introductions out of the way, Fintan delves deeper into Damson Cloud’s business structure, explaining its three customer pillars: ‘Migrate’, ‘Secure’ and ‘Transform’. Our CEO highlights that in regard to ‘Migrate’, Damson Cloud specialise in removing the risk from the migration. Knowledge transfer forms a critical element of this service, and upskilling comes as a core benefit. Meanwhile, migration and security are identified as working “hand-in-hand”. “It is a process you have to go through, and it is different. The way security is handled in the cloud really is different,” says Fintan. However, he adds that for himself personally, digital transformation is one of the most exciting elements of Damson Cloud’s work.

Moving on with the presentation, Fintan highlights some of the key partnerships that Damson Cloud are involved in. Whilst Damson Cloud is a leading Google Partner, the company has links with a number of other firms and brands, including Backupify, Happeo, General Audit Tool, CloudLock and CloudM. “Some of these products augment your Google experience, and can potentially offer you more from your overall experience,” explains Fintan. This added experience has been enjoyed by a range of Damson customers, including The Irish Examiner, Walls2Workstations, Morgan McKinley, and ZPG.

Digital Transformation: Beyond Buzzwords

The presentation moves onto its core subject: digital transformation. “There’s a lot of buzzwords around this, and I would really like to define it for those in the room today,” says Fintan. “For me, most of the cloud-based tools are pushing us to collaborate. It is important to note that there are two types of collaboration: synchronous and asynchronous,” he shares, explaining synchronous collaboration as “happening in the moment”. Meanwhile, asynchronous collaboration is explained as occurring with a time delay (for example, sending an email). According to our CEO, cloud-based technologies are continuously pushing us towards synchronous collaboration.

The digital transformation work of Damson Cloud typically focuses on three key areas, the first being technology. “Some people think that swapping out technology amounts to digital transformation - it doesn’t,” admits Fintan, adding that “it’s an ongoing process, and you’re never truly done”. Secondly, Damson Cloud places special focus on company processes: “There must be processes that change what people do, or things will just go back to what they were”. Last but not least, the company focuses on people: “When these areas of focus are combined with people, that’s where real digital transformation happens”. Damson’s Collaboration Map is presented, highlighting how the three areas of focus work in correlation with each other.

Breaking the Status Quo

Overarching all of Damson Cloud’s services in the pertinent question: “Will the status quo lead your company to success?”. According to Fintan, Google products provide a platform that can change behaviours within your business or organisation, driving adoption across all levels. Change management is highlighted as a critical element of a transformational project, and this is where many Damson customers find typically find great value. 

How do Damson Cloud kick off a digital transformation project? According to Fintan, Transformation Labs play a significant role. “It's a half-day workshop that you can map to pretty much any technology. The three key elements to these workshops are ‘inspire’, ‘discover’ and ‘prototype’”, he explains. It is highlighted that the brainstorming out of a business’ processes is critical to this stage. “If we can generally convince a customer to book one Transformation Lab, they often end up booking half a dozen of them.”

More About Damson Cloud

Fintan has touched upon some of the key elements of Damson Cloud’s work, and viewers can discover more about the company by watching the full presentation. Damson Cloud wants to send a massive thank you to everyone who attended our seminar in Dublin. To hear about Damson Cloud’s full range of services, watch the full video above or check out our website. Feel free to follow our blog for more industry-leading insights on changing the way we work, and don’t forget to subscribe, like and share!

As a longstanding member of the Google Cloud Partner program, Damson Cloud specialise in bringing people and ideas together through new ways of working. We champion change management and digital transformation using some of the internet’s most trusted solutions, including Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Happeo and Jamboard.

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