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Gartner Names Google a Leader in Content Collaboration

Google has long been a pioneer of online collaboration platforms, allowing businesses with employees and partners all over the world to work on projects together, without restrictions from geographical boundaries. In recognition of its importance to the field, the Gartner Magic Quadrant series has named Google a leader for Content Collaboration Platforms.

Gartner regularly evaluates vendors like Google across various market segments, based on their progress towards making collaboration easier for modern businesses seeking to penetrate global markets. The unprecedented rise in popularity of the Google Drive platform, as well as peripheral services like Google Docs, has placed the tech giant squarely at the forefront of innovation.

Helping Global Teams Work More Efficiently

Online collaboration allows businesses of all sizes to set their sights on global markets and recruit talent from all over the world. With the rise of this global, mobile workforce, things like physical distances and geographical boundaries have now largely become irrelevant for modern companies.

Thanks to platforms like Google Drive, any number of people -- regardless of their physical locations -- can now work with the same data and access the same files and folders simultaneously. And to take it a step further, the recently introduced Team Drives feature allows for collective ownership over content while retaining centralised access control and management.

Quick Access to Information

Google is also at the forefront of artificial intelligence, which is becoming more and more integrated with online collaboration platforms. Thanks to the new Quick Access feature, users can find the information they need in less time, and instead of manually navigating through an ever-growing library of documents, Google Drive will now locate and suggest files based on various factors such as work patterns and keywords.

Such features allow colleagues to access the information they need without getting bogged down in time-consuming search routines that can disrupt fluid, ongoing projects.

Centralized Control Over Information Visibility

While the benefits of online content collaboration are undeniable, easier access to corporate information also presents a new set of security challenges. Google Drive tackles these challenges head on, by implementing a centralized management console that administrators can use to define access rights and prevent data breaches.

The platform also includes a highly-flexible reports API that received several important improvements back in April. The new report metrics expand upon those added the previous year to include better insights into the visibility and sharing of files.

Easier Migration to the Cloud

As one of the world’s most famous pioneers of cloud computing, Google has also made it easier for businesses to migrate their operations to cloud-based offsite servers. Previously, cloud migrations were often fraught with complications, lost data, and bungled security measures, and to overcome them, Google recently integrated AppBridge migration tool into the G Suite line of applications and services.

Businesses can also now use the Drive File Stream for accessing Google Drive files natively within devices running Windows and macOS. Drive File Stream also helps provide better offline access, further breaking down the barriers between on-premises and cloud-based computing.

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