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Google and Citrix Expand Alliance to Deliver Cloud-Based Applications

Google and Citrix have been working together since 2010 to manage Android deployments and deliver applications to devices running Chrome OS. And last month the two tech giants extended their collaboration in support of hosted desktop applications via the cloud using secure, brand new technology.

Businesses of all types and sizes are now rapidly shifting towards cloud-based deployments thanks to greatly reduced overheads, improved security and the ability to take advantage of the latest technology. Nonetheless, migrating from traditional, on-premises servers and software to cloud-based deployments is rarely a straightforward process.

Thanks to the partnership between Google and Citrix, however, businesses can now continue using their desktop applications throughout their company’s cloud migration by having them hosted remotely and delivered as part of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). While Google brings its highly scalable and reliable infrastructure to the table, Citrix provides the application management, desktop virtualisation technology, and application delivery.

The cooperation between the two companies helps to address some of the greatest challenges faced by businesses as they shift their operations to the cloud. By making their products and services work together, the transition to the cloud will be faster, easier and more secure. At the same time, employees will be able to keep using the desktop applications that they’re familiar with, without any need for costly and time-consuming retraining.

Why Do You Need Application Hosting?

Virtualised desktops have become one of the most common computing models, since they allow for greater flexibility, reduced overheads and more efficient use of physical hardware resources. Thanks to the rise of cloud computing, it’s now also possible to have many of your computing workloads carried out off-site instead of using expensive, high-end on-premises hardware that needs regular maintenance and upgrades.

Application hosting refers to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution whereby end users can execute and operate applications hosted on a remote server for a monthly subscription or on-demand fee. With virtualisation now making it possible to operate entire virtual desktops over the web, you can use your desktop applications over the cloud rather than having to install them on the local computer.

Citrix’s partnership with Google enables Citrix Workspace Services to run on the Google Cloud platform, and there are also new integrations with G Suite and ShareFile. These new integrations allow Google’s constantly growing developer community to build scalable and secure cloud-hosted applications and ultimately deliver a complete and highly flexible desktop computing experience to Chrome OS and Android users, as well as everyone else.

There are many important benefits of remote application hosting, with the most commonly cited being the reduced cost. Another key advantage is reduced maintenance, since everything is taken care of by the hosting company. And one more major benefit is improved security – because everything is hosted on a remote server rather than on multiple local computers, the attack surface is greatly reduced, leaving fewer opportunities for cybercriminals to hack into your systems.

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