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Google Next On Air!

From Hollywood film shoots through to music festivals, large gatherings and business conferences, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has compromised just about every event of 2020 - and the annual Google Next conference is no different. However, social distancing restrictions have proven to have their silver linings, with this years’ conference fully online and free to attend. Google Next On Air kicks off on July 14th, and we can’t wait. Fintan Murphy tells us all about it…

Most of us will be spending our summers close to home, and ongoing lockdown measures across the world have made the concept of a large gathering all but impossible - for now. However, for Google Partners, users and fans of the search engine’s huge range of products, Google Next On Air will provide a glimmer of seasonal excitement, with the conference promising more top speakers, demos and announcements than ever. This is a completely digital conference, meaning you can enjoy the full range of events without having to show off your dodgy lockdown haircut!

Every Google Cloud Has a Silver Lining...

As many of our followers are aware, Google Next normally takes place across March/April in sunny San Francisco, with those plans obviously halted due to the coronavirus. Whilst many will be disappointed, there is a huge opportunity this year to participate in the conference without having to meet that $1,400+ price tag we’ve seen in previous years. Don’t be put off by the fact Google Next has moved its conference online - there’s a huge range of speakers, events and talks, and for Google Partners this is one that simply shouldn’t be missed.

The breadth of topics up for discussion is unprecedented this year, and whilst we normally focus on content around Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and productivity, Google Next On Air promises to offer a range of discussions around Google Cloud and other trends in the technology space. The conference is running for 9 weeks until September 15th. Whilst this may seem like an extraordinarily long to run a conference, it's important to note that Google is breaking down each week to focus on a particular area of products. 

We’ll see keynote speeches and industry insights in Week 1; collaboration and productivity in Week 2 before moving onto issues including infrastructure, data management, application modernisation, cloud AI, machine learning and business applications in later weeks. Depending on what you’re interested in, you can sign up for talks and events that take place in a particular week. The list of speakers and events is simply too long to post here, so we’ve included a link to the full itinerary at the bottom of this article.

Regardless of your area of focus, we recommend checking out the official website to see the full list of speakers and events. You can even filter and sort events according to what you want to see. There’s even a lineup of customer speakers attending this year’s conference, and they often come as great examples of Google case studies. These bring their own value and they can provide great insights in how to implement Google solutions in customer scenarios. 

More About Damson Cloud

Here at Damson Cloud, we can’t wait to see how Google Next On Air is rolled out, and we’re really excited to see how a conference like this plays out on a remote basis. Are you attending Google Next On Air? Are there any topics you think are missing from the conference! Let us know in the comments! 

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