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Turbocharge Google Tasks with Tasksboard: A Powerful Combination

Tasks can be cumbersome and hard to organise but now you can turbocharge your Google Tasks with an app called Tasksboard. This task management application is a simple tool that makes Google Tasks more manageable and functional, saving valuable time for users. Similar to Trello or Asana, Tasksboard allows you to create task lists for people in your organisation in real-time. With multiple boards or lists, it allows you to assign tasks, highlight lists with labels and colours, and change the background of your boards. An affordable tool, Damson Cloud’s Fintan Murphy shows why Tasksboard can benefit your project management. 

What is Tasksboard?

Tasksboard is a great tool and desktop application which integrates with Google Tasks and Gmail for efficient task management within your company. As it is not currently possible to share a tasklist in Google Tasks with someone in your organisation or external, using Tasksboard allows you to have these functions. 

How to use Tasksboard

Installing Tasksboard is a straightforward process. Simply go to and download it for your desktop or go to the GSuite Marketplace and download. From here, you can open it for use. Tasks can be accessed in the sidebar to create a task. There are plenty of customisable options here as you can edit the task by clicking on it. This could include modifications to the date the task is due, the time left on the tasks, the details of the task and you are also able to assign subtasks to the original task too. 

Google Tasks and Gmail can interact with each other as well, which can be beneficial when completing projects. This interaction, which inextricably links the email and the task, can be used in Tasksboard to help with any project details that have been emailed. By going into an email, you are able to create a task from it. This task will be put into whatever tasklist you are currently working within and it will sync with your Tasksboard, keeping the email link. 

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Creating new lists within subtasks is easy as well, and you can upload files to the task from your Google Drive or your computer. This is a great feature for those who might need their client or collaborators to reference a file swiftly or attach a task to them with details. Anyone who is added to this task will be able to utilise the information. You are also able to add tags to these tasks. This could alert people to the priority of the task and let them know what they should be focusing on. 

If you are needing to rename your list, you will need to go to the top right hand corner and select the three little dots. From here, you’ll see a selection of options like rename the list, sort by due date, and share the list. Sharing the list is still a rather basic feature as it only creates a url for you to share with others. The Damson Cloud team creates a spreadsheet with the task lists to make it more user friendly for colleagues or new staff members to find the lists that need to be shared with them.

Setting colours and moving lists to different boards is possible and individual tasks can be separated into different boards within Tasksboard. These sync to your Google Tasks ensuring everything is kept neat. The Tasksboard app also allows you to export Google Sheets, delete lists, and delete all completed tasks. You can tick tasks off as they are completed and they will be found in your completed list within Google Tasks.

Personalising Google Tasksboard 

Everyone enjoys making something their own and the Tasksboard app is no different. You are able to rename your boards, add imagery, or personalise them with a host of colours. This is a great method of taking ownership of your board or separating what is yours from shared work. Boards can also be used for clients or particular projects to help them stand out. Tasksboard can also be made vertical or horizontal depending on preference. 

From here you can assign files and tasks to multiple people too. Emails that are linked to tasks are listed in the details and, if needs be, a sync can be forced between your tasks and Tasksboard to make sure everything is up to date. Tasksboard is unique in the sense that assigning only works within it. Another thing to note is that tags have to be written into Google Tasks as that is the only way through the API that the system can interact with it. 

Despite there not being a mobile app as of yet, anything created in Google Tasksboard can be accessed through Google apps on your phone. From here, you are able to tick something off or edit any tasks via your mobile device. 

Tasksboard is a reasonably priced tool with the pricing done on a monthly or annual basis. There is now an enterprise license available for those who run a domain and have a G-Suite account. This option would be suited to those who will want to assign tasks to multiple users.

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