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The GoPro Hero9 Unboxing

With technology constantly evolving to meet our needs, GoPro has created cameras that are suitable for sporting and leisure activities, as well as traditional photography. Damson Cloud’s Fintan Murphy unboxes their newest model - the GoPro Hero9. This unboxing will inform you about the Hero9’s specifications and what you should expect when unboxing the item. 

The GoPro Hero9 Specifications

The GoPro Hero9 has been designed to revolutionise the way we take photos and video footage on the go. Some of the key features that are included in the GoPro Hero9 include: 

  • Built-in mounting with folding fingers. 
  • Mods compatibility
  • 3.5 mm audio mic input with media mod or a mic adapter which is sold separately
  • RAW audio capture in .wav format
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • GPS enabled
  • Easy connection to the GoPro app

With a host of camera and audio features, the GoPro Hero9 offers a great alternative to a traditional camera model. It has the capacity to take pictures at 20MP and video at 5K30 and 4K60 with the wide front of view. 

Included in the bundle is a 32GB SD card, ensuring that all your memories are saved. This is the first GoPro to ever have a front-facing display which revolutionises how you use this device, be it for streaming or for activities. 

Not only does it have a front-facing display, but it comes with larger and longer battery life - removing some of the anxiety that accompanies battery issues. The GoPro Hero9 also has the capabilities for removable or detachable lenses. 

It has tidy, fold away attachments and, like all GoPro’s cameras, it is waterproof. With mod extensions available, the GoPro has evolved into a camera that can be used for multiple purposes. GoPro sells accompanying light modifications and media mods enhancing its roles. With more flexibility, the GoPro Hero9 is marketing itself as a great option for those looking for a new camera. 

Go Pro Subscriptions

GoPro offers subscriptions to their services when purchasing their items. Currently, the GoPro Hero9 is retailing with the bundle subscription for $399.98 or £329.98. This is a one-year subscription to GoPro including unlimited cloud storage with up to 50% off at, and total camera replacement if something goes wrong with your device. 

The Unboxing Process

In comparison to older models, the GoPro Hero9 comes in a box with a lot less packaging. In previous versions, the cameras came in a large plastic box which was clunky and mostly unuseful. GoPro has made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of waste through its packaging.

The newer model comes in a well-made, neat case with an accompanying accessory kit. The bundle or accessory kit that Fintan has ordered comes equipped with a GoPro Hero9 and a floating hand grip which is lightweight and comes with an attachment for the wrist. 

The GoPro Hero9  has some fold away attachments on the body of the camera which have been designed specifically for the mods kits. A clip is included with teeth between it to aid with a strong grip. This clip would be suitable for those who want to clip their GoPro Hero9 to a backpack or even a belt. 

Within the accessory kit is a USB adaptor from USB to USB-C. It comes with a few extra attachments, including a curved attachment with a sticky surface - a perfect option for those wanting to attach their GoPro to a helmet. 

Accompanied by two batteries and a 32GB SD card, the GoPro Hero9 is equipped with everything you need to use it immediately. With minimal packaging, the GoPro comes with multiple manuals of varying uses. One manual is a start guide, a how-to guide for the GoPro app, and then the traditional user’s manual. 

Using the GoPro Hero 9 has become slightly different as it has a different mechanism for the opening of it. This appears to have a spring-loaded section causing it to be pulled down and out to open it. You can easily slide your battery and your SD card into the camera for immediate use. 

The Camera Accessories

The new GoPro Hero9 has a slow-mo camera with plenty of different angles to avail of from wide, liner, to super view. You can also get an accessory pack that contains lanyard holders for your GoPro. This is a great way to carry your GoPro outside of the extreme scenario of it being mounted on something. The lanyards are simple and effective and come in a range of colours. You can put this around your neck or hold it in your hand when completing activities. 

Another accessory included is a floating case which allows you to take pictures or video in a handsfree situation while on the water. Being able to use the camera as a webcam or streaming device is now a real possibility for those trying to take footage on the go with this accessory. 

A brilliant addition to the GoPro family, the GoPro Hero9 offers a range of features that make it the best camera yet. With a host of tools and accessories, it has a strong aesthetic and is neatly presented. 

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