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Jamboard on Google Meet

With Google Meet improving its features with Q&A, polling, and breakout rooms, they have brought in a feature that customers have been waiting for - Jamboard. Jamboard is Google Meet’s digital whiteboard technology which comes with a host of uses for your company and any workshops that you may want to run. Fintan Murphy demos a Google Meet session to show you the incredible capabilities Jamboard has brought to Google Meet. 

How Should I Use Jamboard?

Jamboard can be used on any type of device but, due to its features, using something that has touchscreen potential should be considered. Fintan uses a Google Pixelbook due to its touchscreen features but other devices like an iPad, an android tablet, or a touchscreen Chromebook will also suffice. The Google Pixelbook comes with a stylus which allows for exploration of some of the extra features that Jamboard has to offer. If you have a traditional PC or Macbook, you can still use Jamboard, but there is more room for interaction with devices with touchscreen capabilities.

Jamboard is located when opening a Google Meet call. On the bottom right-hand corner of the video call screen, there are three little dots. Click on that and you will see Jamboard being offered as an application in the call. From here, you can open your Jamboard session.

Google Meet will offer for you to start a new Jamboard or access your Google Drive to find one you have prepared previously. Whatever choice you make, it will open it up and share it with all the participants of your Google Meet call. This can be done within Chrome or whatever web browser interface you use. If you put it to full screen, you can use your mouse or touchpad but, if you have a touchscreen, that can be utilised too. 

What Can Jamboard Do? 

Jamboard has a versatile toolkit that allows for a variety of actions to be taken. It has a paintbrush, a highlighter and marker, a pen-style, and an eraser. The pointer function allows you to grab things within your Jamboard as well. This could include images or sticky notes. The sticky notes can be added directly into your Jamboard and Google has given you the option to convert them to whatever colour you desire.

A Google Image Search can happen directly in your Jamboard when you are looking for images or you can upload a picture directly from your computer. You are also able to draw shapes like squares and circles and add in text.

One feature in the Jamboard which could prove infinitely valuable is the laser pointer feature. This could be utilised if you were conducting a meeting and your customers or team were in the Jamboard session as well. This digital whiteboard technology has ensured that, if they are in the session, they will be able to see everything happening live in the same interface. Google has also ensured that the Jamboard has an app which can only be accessed through a touchscreen device. 

The Power of the Jamboard App

The Jamboard app is only available on touchscreen devices, so if you have an iPad or a touch screen laptop or an android touchscreen device then you can open it in that. The app has additional features that cannot be utilised on a touchscreen. The major plus of the Jamboard app is the assistive drawing tool. Incredibly useful, the assistive technology can preempt your actions, offering predictive text when you are typing with great accuracy. 

The assistive drawing tool is also able to anticipate what you are drawing as well. If you aren’t gifted in the art department, even the most basic doodle can be guessed, offering a superior visual or asset in your Jamboard. This can be a very valuable tool if you are trying to produce an image very quickly for your screen. A workflow chart can be made to share with people through a screen share or if you have shared the Jamboard with them,  they can be on the web interface interacting with your offering. 

This is an imaginative and productive way of having a video call that can utilise a digital whiteboard that everyone can work on. Not only is the Jamboard a piece of software, but it can be bought as a piece of hardware. Essentially it is a very large screen that is also an interactive whiteboard. It allows you to do everything within the app on it. 

Jamboard: Revolutionising Google Meet

Despite there being an array of ‘whiteboard options’ and many solutions to this type of technology, this is a great option that Google has integrated into Google Meet. It is a powerful solution for the ever-developing Google Meet. Like polling, break rooms, and Q&A, the Jamboard is another layer that Google is adding in and transforming Google Meet into a really powerful workshop-style solution for companies. With many companies coming to terms with the fact that face-to-face workshops are becoming a less regular occurrence, Jamboard offers an innovative solution to running creative workshops in different locations. 

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