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Laptop Stands: Raise Your Remote Working Game

Due to working from home becoming the new normal, finding ways to facilitate a pleasant experience has become integral to the home office model. Due to most businesses supplying their workers with laptops to work from, finding a comfortable and efficient laptop stand has become the most important part of many employees' home setup. Fintan Murphy discusses three of his favourite laptop stands to help you make an informed decision on what laptop stand to purchase. 

 Cheap and Cheerful: The Ikea Laptop Stand

For those who might have already spent a small fortune on their home office set up, the Ikea Laptop Stand might be for you. This is a perfect option for those who don’t want to spend too much but still want form and function. The Ikea Laptop Stand presents itself as a fantastic and cheap solution. For the grand total of £2, you can have an Ikea Laptop Stand at home. For a slightly more luxurious model, Ikea offers this laptop stand for around £5 or £6.

Not only is this laptop stand ridiculously cheap, but it is also incredibly sturdy - a common complaint of laptop stands. While most laptop stands that suffer from this affliction are fold-up, the Ikea Laptop Stand is solid and unmovable. Despite this, the Ikea Laptop Stand is compact and lightweight, and it can be easily slotted behind something to make it flat when travelling. Sturdy and great value, it has a second feature that makes it a worthwhile purchase.

The Ikea Laptop Stand can be easily flipped the other way to be used as a stand for an iPad and tablet or phone. Cheap and cheerful, the Ikea Laptop Stand is a great portable option for those who want flexibility and sturdiness for a decent price. 

The Mighty Mid-Range: The Moft Invisible Laptop Stand 

For those willing to spend a few more pounds, the Moft Invisible Laptop Stand is a perfect mid-range option. Attaching directly to the base of the laptop, it sticks fervently to the machine. For those who are hoping to make a purchase that multiple people could benefit from, this is not for you, as it is attached to whatever device you place it on. A positive take on this is that you will always have it with your laptop wherever you go. Aesthetically pleasing, it is wafer-thin and is invisible until it is tilted. 

To use it, you simply place your fingers underneath it and push out to use it. With two levels of use, it can be tilted to a standard angle of around 25 to 30 degrees, but it can also be folded slightly lower probably in the region of 20 degrees which can be slightly easier on the wrists.

Moft has also launched cases for iPads and phones with stands on them, so they have a very versatile range for your devices. The Moft Invisible Laptop Stand comes in at around $29 plus shipping which is a reasonable price for those wanting efficiency and comfort. 

Cool and Crazy: The Moft Z Laptop Stand

Part of Moft’s Kickstarter, the Moft Z is so named due to its attractive ‘Z’ shape when standing. The Moft Z folds up compactly and is incredibly flat for transport. It comes with a little weight, but it is the size of an A4 notepad. An excellent option to travel with, its flexibility as a sit/stand desk on the go makes it a superior laptop stand. With a magnetic hold, the magnet part of the stand creates structure and adds sturdiness when the desk is standing up - giving your devices security while you work. Height wise, it has perfect placement to allow for ease of use when standing and working. 

The Moft Z also has multiple angles to work with, making it highly customisable for those who are wanting a stand-up desk. To ensure that you are informed about these angles, the Moft Z comes with a sheet that discusses the variety of angles and instructs you on how to assemble them. With five different options, it can be changed from a standing position to 60 degrees, 45 degrees, 35 degrees, and 25 degrees. The magnet secures your standing position ensuring that your devices can be picked up while in use or worrying about your stand falling apart.

Due to its versatile design, the Moft Z has found users engaging in competitions to find even more interesting ways to fold and use it. For those who are willing and happy to indulge in the extra expense, the Moft Z comes highly recommended. The Moft Z costs $59 plus shipping.

Laptop Stands: Which One is For Me? 

If you’re looking for portability and don’t mind spending a bit of money, the Moft Laptop Stand options are great due to their versatile design and multiple angles. For those who are looking for a cheap and cheerful laptop stand that can be used by anyone, the Ikea Laptop Stand is something that suits all categories. 

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