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Planned Google Workspace updates for 2023

As 2022 drew to a close, Google Workspace saw a considerable number of updates to the platform. All in the name of improving collaboration and productivity in the cloud environment. Naturally there are hundreds of planned updates for Google Workspace in 2023 (some of which have already launched). Here are a selection we think are particularly interesting.

Google Workspace

  • Admin Console Update: Bulk configuration of third party application access via CSV upload. Administrators can configure third party application access control settings to Workspace services and users in bulk. Status: In development

  • Directory Sync: There are a number of updates coming to the Directory Sync tool, not to be confused with the Google Cloud Directory Sync tool (GCDS). Directory Sync is a fully cloud based solution from Google for syncing Active Directory with Google Workspace. Currently in beta, new updates being developed include; auto-refresh for updating groups, placing synced users in a selected organisational unit (this means you can manage policies easier) so if they move to another organisational unit admins can enforce the mapping in the identity sync configuration which can then undo the movements in a subsequent sync. Again useful for administrators looking to rollout changes to groups and not have to make them individually. Status: In development

  • Security Update: Drive trust rules. A new method to control sharing across an organisation's Google Drive. Note, implementing  Drive trust rules will supersede existing Drive sharing settings in the admin panel. Trust rules provide flexible and granular rules for internal and external access using groups, org units and conditional access. Admins can create specific rules to control sharing within an organisation and externally too. Drive sharing can be controlled across a wide range of use cases e.g. at departmental level, or via job role. When used in conjunction with Drive labels this allows for a huge range of sharing scenarios and combinations. Status: In beta

  • Google Docs: At long last an eyedropper (colour selection) tool is being released which will allow users to select the colours within a document. This will cover Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. A welcome addition! Google is also developing the ability to expand and collapse content which will mean areas of documents can be hidden for clarity, something users of large documents or approvers will find reduces the time it takes to navigate a document and they can go straight to the relevant content. Status: In development

  • Google Docs: Continuing Google’s efforts to improve the usability of docs in a collaborative environment, a meeting notes enhancement as part of their “Smart Canvas”  feature design will allow contextual actions to be put into meeting notes. Including access to previous meeting notes for recurring meetings and the ability to email meeting notes. Status: In development

  • Google Slides: Increase in size limit for uploading and editing Powerpoint files natively in Google Drive to 300mb (previously 100mb). This integration will improve collaboration within teams that may have an old version of a document to edit, or if a user has been using PowerPoint instead of starting the presentation on Google Slides. Status: In development

  • Google Drive: Integration of IRM (Information Rights Management) for Drive DLP will allow restriction of copy/print/download on files and will be available as an action for Drive DLP policies. This update will ensure that if you’re working in an environment where data loss is a real threat, it’s a move to remedy that and give admins the ability to prevent any loss. Status: In development

  • Google Drive: Improving search in Drive with the ability to filter “chips” (users and tags) in Google Drive on the web. When users are searching for files they will see improved results that correlate to their searches. Useful for large drives and those who have to search and filter through a large amount of documents. Status: In development

  • Google Drive: Bringing iOS features in line with those currently available on Android. Viewing important notifications in Drive on iOS platforms The notification centre allows users to track items, view notifications and no longer require email notifications to keep on top of updates. Great for users who are currently using iOS and are reliant on email to keep track of activity within Google Drive. Status: In development

  • Google Meet: Meet users will see a live transcript during a meeting with other people, this can be paused, or stopped at any time. Transcripts are saved to the organisers Google Drive after the meeting ends. These can be shared, reviewed and commented on. This will enhance the use of Google Meet and means that users won’t miss a thing, being able to go back through the meeting and raising relevant points or taking actions on activities mentioned within. Status: In development

  • Google Meet: Meet users joining via phone will have background noise removed from their audio stream. This will improve call quality and audio clarity between all participants and will reduce  any unwanted, or disruptive environment sounds on the call. Status: In development

  • Google Meet: Meet & Zoom device interoperability. With many businesses choosing to use Zoom for video calling, interoperability between both platforms required expensive solutions. Google Meet will soon offer bi-directional interoperability with Zoom. Businesses using Meet will be able to hold meetings with businesses using Zoom and vice versa. Both sets of users will be able to join Zoom Rooms and Meet Calls seamlessly with no requirement to “knock” to enter a meeting. This will be fantastic for users of both platforms. Status: In development

  • Google Voice: Recently released, Google Voice Standard now supports customers assigning phone numbers in other Voice countries in their region. Customers in Europe can assign numbers to supported European countries and customers in the US and Canada can assign numbers in both countries. For full flexibility in assigning numbers internationally across all regions e.g. Europe & US, Google Voice Premier is required. Status: Launched

This is just a short list of the planned updates Google will be making to Workspace in 2023. If you have any issues with your current Workspace integration within your business, or you are looking for support/training from a Google Workspace Premier partner then please do get in touch here we also have a YouTube channel with a new video every Thursday, to see more of Damson Cloud you can find our channel here

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