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Review of the ASUS C436FA

This week, Fintan Murphy reviews one of ASUS’s newest Chromebooks - the ASUS C436FA. As an avid Chromebook user, Fintan weighs up the pros and cons of this device and highlights its main features. 

ASUS has created a machine that operates as a high-level device. While Chromebooks began as entry-level, they have developed at a pace that has moved them into enterprise space. For those in the market for a Chromebook, the ASUS C436FA is perfect for someone who wants to use this as their primary device for work and/or consumer use. 

A Quick Overview of the ASUS C436FA? 

ASUS’s newest Chromebook Iis a beautiful device. At only 14 inches, it is lightweight and super thin. With incredible wifi speeds, the ASUS C436FA features the new ASUS ax wifi, a great solution for those who require faster wifi if they’re working from home. 

The ASUS C436FA has specifications that set it apart as a premium Chromebook. It has: 

  • Quad speakers which are Harman Kardon certified. 
  • An integrated fingerprint scanner.
  • A 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16 GB of memory and 512 GB in its SSD
  • 12 hours of battery life too
  •  It incorporates fast-charging in its ports and has 2 USB Type-Cs. 
  • A combination stereo headphone/mic jack and a micro-SD card slot.

With modern features that are perfectly suitable for remote working options or for the office, the ASUS C436FA is a great model for those in the market for a Chromebook.

What We Liked About the ASUS C436FA

One of the key features that really sets this model apart is its speed. Damson Cloud engages in a lot of video conferencing and the ASUS C436FA had no issues dealing with the number of tabs that were open as well. If you are looking for a high spec device that is able to compliment your busy schedule, then this Chromebook really stands out. 

The ASUS C436FA is an aesthetically pleasing machine, but the screen size really is beautiful. Using wide edge technology, this machine that would usually be a 13’ is transformed into a 14’. Accompanied with a bright screen, high resolution, and colour recreation, the device could suit multiple purposes. For those who work in video editing or even use their Chromebooks for entertainment, the ASUS C436FA does not disappoint in picture quality. 

A huge issue with Chromebooks is battery life but the ASUS C436FA has proven to be more than satisfactory. When using it with Damson Cloud, we were able to utilise the device without being plugged into the power port between six to nine hours. This depended on what we were using the Chromebook for and the brightness of the screen. In general, we found it gave an impressive all-day performance. 

Another feature that really stands out is the flip around screen. With dual capabilities, the ASUS C436FA can be used as a tablet or even in ‘tent mode’ allowing the user to prop the device up without a stand and leaving them handsfree. This is something that could be incredibly beneficial in business meetings, allowing the user to take notes and so on.  

Some styluses leave a lot to be desired, but the ASUS C436FA was wonderful to use. With sharp accuracy, it was functional and stylish. Attributing to the unique design, the SD card also functions as a magnetic holder for the stylus. A really lovely touch which made the user experience that more sophisticated.

Curating an immersive audio experience, the ASUS C436FA uses Harman Kardon certified quad speakers. The device has speakers at the side and a full speaker bar at the top. This curates unparalleled sound be it functioning as a tool for meetings, playing music, or enjoying film and videos. 

With cutting edge technology, the ASUS C436FA uses fingerprint login to access the device. Once set up, the login allows for seamless entry into the Chromebook. This is a more secure way to login, as well as making logging in much faster.

What We Didn’t Like About the ASUS C436FA

While the ASUS C436FA is crammed with impressive features and innovative design, it has a couple of areas that could be improved. One complaint that we have with most Chromebooks is the limited number of USB-C ports. Due to one of the USB-C ports being used as the power port, this limits the number of cables that can be plugged into the Chromebook. Essentially, leaving you with only one port.

Not having enough USB-C ports results in having to use other adaptors and crudely rigging together other devices to allow for extra USB-C port access. If you are plugging in an extra screen that doesn’t, in turn, charge your device, you are also faced with the reality that the Chromebook might run out of battery in a presentation or during your work time. Ideally we would like to see three or four ports for those who are connecting to screens and other devices. 

While we enjoyed the experience of the excellent keyboard, the trackpad was just ok. It was functional but a little sticky at times.

Is the ASUS C436FA Worth It? 

ASUS makes quality, premium products that are innovative, designed with user experience in mind and have unprecedented performance. Damson Cloud has really enjoyed having the opportunity to test the ASUS C436FA and would certainly recommend it as an excellent high-end Chromebook. If you would like to learn more about the ASUS C436FA  or want to purchase one, head over to ASUS’s website to find out more details. 

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