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Tech Tip Thursday: New Shortcuts On Google Workspace

Welcome back to Tech Tip Thursdays here at Damson Cloud. In this week’s video, Charlotte Moore will be taking us through some new shortcuts Google Workspace have introduced.

You may remember our previous blog on Google Workspace shortcuts, organising your drive and how using these to organise your files improved efficiency and the way we use Google Workspace.

Using keyboard shortcuts as you work helps to maximise productivity and reduce the amount of time you spend typing. Popular shortcuts on Google Workspace include those for copying and pasting text.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about available shortcuts on Google Workspace, stay tuned!

New Shortcuts Available On Google Workspace

Google Workspace has enabled new shortcuts which allow users to copy files using the well-known shortcut ‘command + c’ and paste these files using the shortcut ‘command + v’ across different tabs on Chrome.

It may be surprising to hear that the shortcut to allow you to copy and paste files in different tabs across Chrome was not possible until the newest update to Google Workspace.

We’re now going to go through how to do this step-by-step in both Google Docs and on Gmail.

New Shortcuts In A Google Doc

  1. We’re starting off in our Damson Cloud Google Drive where we save and store our weekly videos and day to day files. With the new update to Google Workspace, you can now copy folders or individual files into Google Docs or emails on Gmail
Google Workspace Shortcuts
Google workspace have introduced some new shortcuts. Image Credit: Damson Cloud

It’s important to note these shortcuts are only available on Google Chrome and not on any other browser types.

2. Click into the main folder or file you would like to copy and type the shortcut ‘command + c’

3. In the bottom corner, you will now see a pop-up saying “item copied to clipboard”

Google Workspace Shortcuts
The folder has now been copied to the clipboard. Image Credit: Damson Cloud

4. Open up a Google Doc file of your choice and type the the shortcut ‘command + v’

5. You can now see the entire folder has been pasted into the Google Doc below

Google Workspace Shortcuts
The folder has been pasted into the Google Doc. Image Credit: Damson Cloud

6. To do this with an individual file, go back into your Google Drive and into the folder you have just pasted into the Google Doc. From here,  highlight the file of your choice that you would like to copy into your Google Doc.

7. Once again, type the shortcut ‘command + c’ to copy this file to your clipboard.

8. Type the shortcut ‘command + v’ and as you can now see, the individual file has been pasted into the Google Doc.

Google Workspace Shortcuts
You can also paste individual files into your Google Docs. Image Credit: Damson Cloud

Additionally, in Google Docs, if you use the shortcut ‘command + shift + v’, this will paste the file or folder you are trying to add into your Doc whilst smartly formatting the information in a neat, compact way.

This smart canvas solution does not work with video files.

Google Workspace Shortcuts
By typing the shortcut ‘command + shift + v’ this smartly formats your file or folder in your Google Doc. Image Credit: Damson Cloud

New Shortcuts On Gmail

1. Open up your Gmail account on a Chrome browser tab.

2. Select the email you would like to copy and paste files or folders from your Google Drive into.

3. As we have already copied the file during the previous example when we were pasting into a Google Doc, we just need to use the shortcut ‘command + v’ to paste it into the email body of text.

Google Workspace Shortcuts
You can also copy and paste files on Gmail. Image Credit: Damson Cloud

4. In your email, you will now see the link to the Google Drive folder and its title is being copied over. This ensures you aren’t losing any essential information when you’re copying and pasting a folder into your email, for example topic names on folders.

New Shortcuts On Google Drive

The final shortcut we’re going to look at today is a shortcut for Google Drive:

1. If you would like to open a Google Doc in a new tab, you can now use the shortcut ‘command + enter’ to do so.

2. Once you do this, the Doc will open in a new tab. This new shortcut is great for productivity as you no longer have to manually move Docs and Folders between tabs yourself.

That concludes this week’s Tech Tip Thursday and reviewing the new shortcuts which are now available on Google Workspace.

These shortcuts will improve the way we use Google Workspace by improving productivity and efficiency when copying and pasting files and folders across Google Docs and Gmail.

As always, we want to hear from you! Will you be using these new shortcuts to improve the way you work? If you need any assistance in learning how to use the shortcuts on Google Workspace, please get in touch with the Damson Cloud team and we will be happy to help!

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