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The ASUS C436FA Unboxing

Damson Cloud has an appreciative and professional partnership with ASUS. Fintan Murphy has been given the opportunity to review their newest model of Chromebook - the ASUS C436FA. For those interested in Chromebook technology, this unboxing will give you an insight into the product and what to expect on purchase. 

The ASUS C436FA Specifications 

ASUS’s newest Chromebook does not disappoint. It is a 14 inch Chromebook that is also lightweight and super thin. Weighing only 1.1 kilograms and with a width of 13.7 millimetres, it feels more like a tablet than a laptop.

Featuring the new ASUS ax wifi, it allows for considerably faster wifi speeds than older models - a perfect solution for those who many work from home and require faster options. 

The ASUS C436FA comes equipped with a variety of properties that frame it as an exceptional Chromebook. It has: 

  • Quad speakers which are Harman Kardon certified. 
  • An integrated fingerprint scanner.
  • A 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16 GB of memory and 512 GB in its SSD
  • 12 hours of battery life too
  •  It incorporates fast-charging in its ports and has 2 USB Type-Cs. 
  • A combination stereo headphone/mic jack and a micro-SD card slot.

With a ton of incredible features, the ASUS C436FA handles itself as a premium device, feeling very Mac-like with its specs and appearance. This Chromebook is also part of the Intel Project Athena. 

What is Project Athena? 

Project Athena is a premium standard for Intel and all laptops that have been certified with Project Athena are considered to have a high level of quality. This means that the laptop can wake from sleep within a few seconds, is consistently responsive on power and battery, has all-day battery life, and can fast charge via the USB-C port to a minimum battery life of 4.5 hours.

It is also equipped with a Thunderbolt 3 and has Wifi 6 capabilities. Ultra-slim, it offers a two-in-one feature of being able to switch between a tablet or a traditional clamshell laptop. With Fairfield microphones, a backlit keyboard, a precision touchpad, and pen support, it is easy to see why it has been included with Project Athena.

The Unboxing Process

While the ASUS C436FA comes in a traditional, outer brown box, you are greeted with a far more pleasing visual experience when it is opened. Within the packaging is a white box, similar to that of Apple’s Macbook. The outer box also comes with a sleeve for the Chromebook. 

When opening the box containing the Chromebook, it is reminiscent of opening a Macbook particularly due to the colour palette. This coupled with the airlock feel when opening, you have to use the weight of the box itself to open it. It has an incredible presentation which is something that you usually only see with high-end devices, the box is filled with a host of treasures for the user.

Within the Chromebook box, it comes equipped with a UK charger, a neat power adapter which is a nice touch considering most of them are chunky and cumbersome looking. It also contains a USB-C to HDMI cable in the box. This is a brilliant extra feature considering that, usually, this is not included in the box and is a separate purchase. There are also typical user manuals and a stylus with holders within it. 

These holders allow you to clip the stylus onto the side of your device which is particularly useful if you are in tablet mode. It clicks on with ease and looks incredibly neat on the side of the device. Incredibly easy to open, the ASUS C436FA has been built with a function that lifts the keyboard up when tilting the screen back. This provides a far more comfortable angle for typing and a feeling of luxury for the user. 

The keyboard provides good travel and there is a decent size trackpad available on it too. There is a little Harman Kardon feature to the right-hand side of the trackpad and our Intel Core Processor sticker to the left of it. For those wishing to utilise the fingerprint scanner, it can be found at the top right corner of the keyboard. The ASUS C436FA can be flipped the full way round to create a touchscreen if required. 

The bezel around the laptop has remained incredibly thin, maximising the real estate around the screen. It is only slightly thicker around the top of the screen to accommodate the web camera. Accompanied by a lovely magnetic sleeve, the interior of which is soft inside to ensure the protection of your device. The stylus also nestles snuggly into the top of the laptop but can’t fit in when left attached to the sides. The sleeve is made of nylon and looks like a large, shiny envelope. 

What’s the Verdict on the ASUS C436FA?

A full review of the ASUS C436FA will be done in an upcoming blog. With its stellar features and its sleek design, we will be excited to see what this premium device has to offer the user. 

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