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Damson Cloud Year in Review 2020

2020, the year no one will forget!  This year presented personal and professional challenges for many people and organisations across the globe. The concept of the ‘office’ was transformed, as many companies opted to ensure staff safety by allowing them to work from home. At Damson Cloud, our customers reached out to us like never before looking for assistance in remote working, team collaboration and security. We have been working hard all year helping our customers work remotely, connect meaningfully with their teams, and provide effective video conferencing and collaboration solutions to meet their organisations' needs. Fintan Murphy takes some time to say thank you to the customers and partners that have made this a successful year for Damson Cloud.

A Year in Review: You Asked and We Responded

When the pandemic first hit there was a lot of uncertainty for everyone.  Many organisations reached out to us asking how we could help them work remotely more effectively.  As a company, we have over a decade's experience working remotely.  It was this experience and knowledge our customers wanted to tap into. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the companies that have chosen Damson Cloud as their Cloud Partner.  We appreciate your continuing support and faith in us during these difficult times. A big thanks to those of you who have recommended us on to other companies as this is the major driver of our growth as an organisation.  We are humbled by the number of customers who have reached out to us and trusted us with their business.  

Over the course of this year, Damson Cloud has had the support of many of its Partners within the ecosystem.  Without whom we would not be able to do the work that we do and or produce the content and online events that we have during 2020. We would like to thank Cloud Shed, Cobry, and Inovo Consulting for their support and collaboration. We would also like to thank Fynn from Fosho Crew who helped record and edit our G Suite Customer Journey Summit May which we had pre-recorded before Covid restrictions came into effect. Damson Cloud belongs to the Global Cloud Partner Association (GCPA), an association of Google Cloud Partners that have come together to assist and support one another. This organisation shifts the belief that competitors in an industry can not find common ground and work together on projects, share knowledge and help each other out.  2020 has seen Google Cloud Partners come together to help one another during these unprecedented times with business and support. We are incredibly thankful to be working alongside such dedicated and passionate professionals in the cloud industry. 

Internal Development in Damson Cloud 

We are incredibly grateful that Damson Cloud has been able to grow in these difficult times and we wish to offer a warm welcome to two of our newest colleagues. Sam and Alina who joined us during an extremely busy period of the year, getting thrown in at the deep end from week one. We also say goodbye to our colleague Lydia Bennett, leaving Damson Cloud to pursue other passions.  Without Lydia we would not have been able to achieve the growth and success we have had this year.  She has helped our organisation put in place necessary processes and implement new strategies that helped support our customers during this challenging year. We wish her every success in her future career.

The content we produce on our website and channel is a direct result of the questions, queries and discussions we have with our customers.  As many of you will know we often make a video based on a common question we get in meetings or an area that we are finding customers struggling with.  We are grateful for those of you who come to us for expert advice and guidance on cloud solutions and industry insights.  We have been amazed at the stats from our Youtube channel this year.  Although our focus on content is for our customers it is amazing to see how many people find our content when looking for answers to questions about Google Workspace, Digital Transformation and New ways of Working.

2020 Channel Stats

  • 1,117 subscribers
  • 15,000+ views per month
  • 900 hours of content is viewed on our channel every month. 

Thanks to everyone who has liked, subscribed, commented on or shared one of our videos  this year.  As always we will endeavour to continue to produce high-quality content on topics that are relevant and informative.

A Busy Year at Damson Cloud

Damson Cloud proudly supported customers over 2020, offering full and comprehensive guidance for those stepping into remote working. We ran a wide variety of projects throughout the year, 

In a meeting with a large non-profit customer they said, "When we went into lockdown our teams transitioned seamlessly to remote working. The pandemic has proven that advice from Damson Cloud to investment in solutions like G Suite/Workspace has been the right decision.  The IT team has never been more positively viewed within the business."

Here is a list of just a few of the projects our team has been working on this year

  • Helping several corporate customers utilise Google Cloud Identity as their primary identity management system
  • Training session for a 1000 employee business with offices around the globe
  • Multiple training sessions for companies ranging from 50 - 2000 employees on topics including Google Drive, Remote Working with Google, Google Meet and Chat and much more
  • Migration of 1000’s of users to Google Workspace and Terabytes of data for new and existing customers
  • Remote working strategies for customers engaging with teams around the world
  • Advice and strategies on running online events at scale for organisations who had only ever run in person events. 
  • Rollout of chromebooks to a support team forced to work remotely as part of the pandemic
  • Google Voice setup for multiple customers who’s traditional phone systems were unable to handle routing for staff working remotely.
  • Assisting customers with increased security while allowing staff to work from home.  Helping them evaluate the solutions that could enable the IT team to have a secure infrastructure in this new remote environment.

One of the biggest changes we saw this year came when Google rebranded G Suite to Google Workspace. This came with a host of changes which would ultimately affect our clients. We prepared a detailed overview of the changes for our customers and comparison documentation to aid them in making an informed decision.  Our team even built out an internal website for customers to bring all of the information together into one place.

We met with each of our clients to explain the new tiers and how it would impact their business. If you are currently on one of the old G Suite plans then we would recommend watching our video on the changes to see how it will impact your business.

Many of our customers took the opportunity this year to increase their investment in Google’s platform and upgrade to one of the Google Enterprise tiers.  These higher level tiers have included additional security for organisations such as context-aware access, data loss prevention, security centre, data regions, endpoint management as well as increased storage and in domain Google Meet streaming.  We helped our customers evaluate these solutions to see which tier would fit their business needs.

If you have any questions on Google Workspace, Remote Working or Digital Transformation for your business get in touch with Damson Cloud to see how we can help you today. 

As a longstanding member of the Google Cloud Partner Program, Damson Cloud specialises in bringing people and ideas together through new ways of working. We champion the very best practices in remote working and change management, helping companies and their teams collaborate productively from anywhere in the world. To find out more about our services, check out our library of tutorial videos or our blog.

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