Cloud Manager Solution

Streamlining IT administration

Transform how you manage and monitor your Google G Suite estate with the market-leading software solution, CloudManager.

Making IT administration more efficient and your workforce more productive

Save time, reduce cost, improve accuracy, and centralize your organizational policies with our extensive features and automated tools.

Take G Suite to the next level with seamless onboarding and offboarding of users, password management, contact sharing, directory search, multi-language support and more.

User Life cycle Management

Seamless on-boarding, off-boarding and everything in between.

Domain Management

Simplify complex tasks and boost efficiency for you and your users.

People Finder

Promote collaboration with our powerful contact directory.

Monitor and Maintain

Ensure the continuity and health of your entire G Suite estate.

Archive User Data

Easy, secure, automated way to archive old users data.

User Life cycle Management

CloudManager gives you ultimate control of your user lifecycle management. Configure once to benefit from automated actions for complex G Suite administration tasks such as on and offboarding, reallocating user licenses, user and policy settings.

Onboarding - Provisioning New Staff

We understand that when new staff joins your business it’s essential that they are productive as soon as possible. To solve this problem, CloudManager can quickly and securely provide them with the relevant access to folders, files and contact details for your staff, partners, and suppliers.

Whether creating a new user or moving them within the organization, CloudManager can update signatures and Drive and file permissions, ensuring that information remains relevant to the role. CloudManager’s SmartGroups enable you to design the right onboarding rules for your Teams.

Offboarding - Deprovisioning Leavers

Seamlessly offboard deprovisioned users whilst keeping your license count and costs under control. CloudManager allows you to easily configure offboarding workflows, reallocate licenses and migrate leavers’ emails, files, and user settings. And with real-time reporting of completed, in-progress and scheduled deprovisions, our administrator dashboard will facilitate the smooth management of all your offboarding processes.

Domain Management

Managing a Google domain is complex. Using CloudManager can make the task much easier giving your users a great experience, saving time for both your business and IT admins.

Email signature management

Email signature templates can be defined to apply standardized signatures. Using a flexible template system, professional signature templates can be configured and deployed to ensure your company policy is enforced.

Contact sharing

Share Gmail contacts to a G Suite group or individual co-workers. Shared contacts are automatically available on your mobile phones, tablets, and even Microsoft Outlook.

Domain Roles

Delegated G Suite administration. Create custom roles to perform a sub-set of CloudManager functions on your G Suite Domain. Assign to users as required to effectively manage your domain across different teams and roles.

Role assignments

Make sure you are capturing the key information for your staff. Setting mandatory fields enable you to ensure accuracy and consistency of the data across your organization.

Smart groups

SmartGroups are Google groups with intelligence. Create specific rules for each SmartGroup that automatically manage members based on specific criteria. Also, share documents/calendars and add useful search tags or information to all profiles that are members of the SmartGroup.

People Finder

Finding the right person to help you get your work done can be a time-consuming task. CloudManager provides staff with the ability to easily add their skills, knowledge, qualifications, interests, and experience. Allowing your entire organization to quickly find and connect with each other.

All profile fields are searchable, and combining filters can produce powerful results. Find all of your branch managers in New York, or find your delivery drivers who can speak Spanish.

Not only can you search for internal employees, CloudManager also allows you to search for customers and suppliers too. Tag your suppliers with the services they provide, and use CloudManager to can quickly locate and connect with them.

Monitor your G Suite organisation

CloudManager provides useful insights into the behavior, usage, and activity across your entire G Suite organization. Allowing you to proactively monitor and address risks before they become a security issue.

User activity map

CloudManager shows your user activity on Google maps – your users who are currently using the system and the activity they are performing. The data within the map can be filtered to view any activity and can span any time period up to 6 months.

Easy to use visual reporting

Recommendations for improvements to help you continually enhance the administration, security and user experience across your domain.

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