Moving an organisation into the digital age can be challenging. Often referred to as Digital Transformation we find the buzz word often has little substance to it. We prefer the terms new work and new ways of working. That is our goal to help companies and teams break apart old ways of working and implement new and more innovative ones that will help them get work done FASTER! New work can’t happen with just the tools and some training. We call this the technology and people. We also need to look at the process. On average someone has to do something 7 times before it becomes a habit. Humans are creatures of habit and it easy for us to go back to the old ways of doing things if we are not helped along in our journey to break apart old processes.

Digital Transformation with g suite and google workspace

Along with our colleagues at Google we have developed a workshop for customers to help them get started with new ways of working. It is digital transformation done right, with real measurable results. We dub these workshops transformation labs as they look at your business processes under a microscope and ask the question of your teams is this the best way to do this? It always astounds us how many people have never gotten to ask that question of processes and tools they use every single day in their jobs. Employees get very excited about having an input into this new work. They learn about how other companies have implemented solutions using G Suite and changed how they work forever. They begin to see how these tools can be used not just to do the work they are already doing but do it faster, more efficiently and enable you as a business to get an edge over your competitors. Customers who fully engage and embrace tools like G Suite say that they could not have grown their business so quickly without it.

When you look at many of the fastest growing and most successful innovative companies in the world they often have one thing in common they all embrace technology as a core investment that allows them to rapidly expand their businesses and they generally leverage G Suite to do it. We are not saying you can’t do it with a tool like Microsoft’s Office 365 but we are saying that when it comes down to it Google’s platform will get you there faster. In the collaboration space its like comparing the horse and cart to a car. The horse is going to be retired it just doesn’t know it yet.

Training Video